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You can call me Hal.

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The Prisoner
First two episodes -- very good! Two more tomorrow! I've never seen the original series (soon, I hope) but I was all, "So that's where Lost comes from."

Also, there will be Doctor Who tomorrow. Due to download and scheduling issues, ie, watching The Prisoner, we were not able to get to it yet.

In other news, I think I need a butler. A hot female butler. Do you suppose there's an agency?

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HOLY CRAP. That show is SO, SO, SO GOOD.

I know! And gorgeous to boot!

I had wicked issues getting DW to download so I too will be watching tonight. and damn! we forgot about AMC doing the prisoner. I am sure it will be on video soon enough. :(

and of course there is.

Yeah, both BT and DD were trouble-ful this time. But I have it now.

I wonder if there's an agency with hot female butlers I can *afford*.

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