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You can call me Hal.

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InuKai, InuKai, and more InuKai
It's PIKL Day, the bi-annual celebration of Inui/Kaidoh goodness hosted by disutansu! Check it out -- there's art and doujinshi and other stuff! http://disutansu.livejournal.com/398508.html

I have two items myself.

1. The story I just posted: Forecast

2. My new project: voice recordings of my fanfic over at Tumblr. I'm planning to do more than InuKai (and not just Prince of Tennis) but I started out with that for PIKL day. :) Let me know what you think! (Including if you think I'm reading too fast or anything.) http://prillalar.tumblr.com/

In conclusion: InuKai ♥

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Oh EXCELLENT!!! I look forward to devouring this post and checking out your recordings.

Yay! And I love seeing all your dramapuri icons. I really need to make some more of my own.

how does one do these recordings? most excellent.

I do them on my Mac with a USB headset and Garage Band, so I can edit out mistakes and apply a few filters. I'm trying not to be super-picky with them, though. I'm glad you like them!

The voice recordings are amazing; your pace is perfect. Gosh, you're just my favorite fanfic writer ever.

Aw! You make me all blushy! And I'm glad to hear that about the pace -- it's so hard to tell when you're the one doing the recording.

Yay! You have a perfectly delightful reading voice; I still love the recording of In Love that you did some years back.

Thank you! It's fun to do!

You are wonderful. I don't know how you get through reading without mistakes. I would probably laugh myself to death if I ever start.

I just listened to Fascination, which is one of my favourite fics of yours. (By the way, I adore your else { and Full Dress too.) I love your Momoshiro voice talking about girl managers!

Do you mind if I hang around your journal a bit for Tenipuri related stuff? I am kind of in a nostalgic rut for the series these days and I cannot stop admiring your dedication to your OTP ♥

I use Garage Band to do the recording so I can edit out the mistakes. :)

Hang around as much as you like! Somehow, this fandom has never let me go. And I'm glad about it.

This is a bit random but, I just wanted to come out of the shadows to say that I absolutely love your Tenipuri stories. I was brought in by your lovely InuKai and blown away with your MomoKai, which has become a bit of an OTP with me. :)

Aw, that's great to hear! I love both pairings so much. Thanks for letting me know!

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