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You can call me Hal.

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I am prillalar@googlewave.com.

I have 8 Wave invites -- first comment, first served! All gone.

Also: Any recs for waves to follow that are fandom related?

Also also: drop me your wave ID!

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Oh sure, I'll take one. honey.wheeler at gmail, if you need an address for it.

K, done. It sometimes takes a while for the invite to show up.


This username at gmail.

Ooh, I'd love one! reallycorking at gmail :x

Oh! Me too! trash_real! Thank you!!! :D

Wait, does it have to be an existing google id? Because that's my youtube/google one and doesn't have an associated email address. Otherwise, trubbleclef is fine. :D

Edited at 2009-11-26 02:26 am (UTC)

I need an email address -- I don't think it has be to a gmail one though I guess you'd have to associate it with a google account of some sort. Do you want me to use trubbleclef?

Sure, trubbleclef at gmail is great. Thank you! :D

Can I get an invite? I read an article about wave that sounded interesting, although copperbadge didn't seem impressed by it.

I will send you one from my RL account, since you already know my secret identity; I have more invites there.

So far, Wave mostly seems like email that I have to check on a different page but I think it does have a lot of potential once we all figure it out.

Plus you have to be on it if you want to be cool!

I'd like to give it a shot. :) cmayyin at gmail dot com, if there are invites left over.

Received safely! Thanks a bunch. :) When I find a good wave, I shall let you know!

I wouldn't mind, if there's an extra. ajrimmerspaceadventurer at gmail dot com

ah. bless, I seem to have missed but HI!!!!Happy Wednesday!!

I had enough to go around! I have added you to the invite list. :)

thanks, hon.

any advice on good things to use this for? i am still looking at it trying to figure out how to use it! :D

I'm using my lj username - just added you. :D

I am copracat@googlewave.com of course.

I don't think it's yet possible to share a wave id. I read some complicated help forum on what to do but I failed to make it work.

I can add you to a Fandom wave, a Doctor Who wave, a Merlin wave and a Snarry wave? If you hate 'em you can unfollow. At the very least you'll find lots of other fans.

That would be great, if you would! Thanks!

Done. Let me know if they don't show up in your in box.

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