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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
As a Canadian, I have only one response to American Thanksgiving:

Where's MY fucking turkey dinner?

(I guess I'll have some cheese instead.)

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, but I'm all hungry again now!

I'm sure all the Americans on your friends list have so many left overs that they WISH they could send you food. My family bought a 15 pound turkey, and there's plently of bird left.

Mmm, what I could do with all that!

(Deleted comment)
Sigh. I didn't even get turkey last month. :(

We had a coffee shop turkey dinner. Maybe next year I'll suck it up and visit my parents, just so someone else will cook for me.

Shall I mail you one? Due to some unforseen circumstances, I actually have two extra turkeys this year.:-D

Two extra? Like three total? Wow -- you'll need 101 turkey recipes!

clearly you need a freezer and then THANKSGIVING IN APRIL

and i need LESS BOURBON

b/c i totes did not mean to post without saying


Hee! I think a non-holiday turkey dinner would be the best. All of the food, none of the family.

I put it in the fridge, but if you'll tell me what time you'll get here I'll warm it up again... :)

Give me 20 minutes! I can start with the pie if that's too soon. :)

In me basement next to the basket containing the puppy and the hand cream.


Thanksgiving at your house sounds v. interesting.

Oh. It is. If you find drunk and creepy interesting.

Ok, nix the creepy. We're just drunk and playing Assasins Creed.

I wish you'd been at my turkey dinner to help me get through the insanity of my brother's house.

Me too! Sorry it was less than optimal. Did you just try to sit in a corner and think about Atobe? :D

I'm too lazy to email you this separately but you should check out the old GW stuff Levi posted: http://leviosa8.livejournal.com/713702.html

Oooh, those are lovely! We have to get back to our GW rewatch.

It required much thinking about Atobe to maintain sanity. Not that anything went wrong, it was just full of KIDS.

Sorry I should have asked you to visit. I had a lot of food and it was fun. I had 19 people here for Thanksgiving lunch and my family loved it. :) (self bragging):P

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