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You can call me Hal.

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Cartman is the best medicine.
I am home with flu-like symptoms after getting my H1N1 shot last night. It's pretty mild -- a few aches and chills and being stupid in the head -- so I'm just sitting on the couch drinking tea and watching South Park. Including this Japanese dub of Casa Bonita.

Here's a link in case the embed doesn't work: http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/anime/watch/v159098065mghDNBZ

Also, what do you think would happen if Cartman and Bender teamed up? Or maybe they could be my minions.

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oh my god the fact that this even exists. SO MUCH WIN. Sausu Paaku ikezou!

I may have watched the bit where Butters says aishiteru to Eric more than once.


Wait never mind, I'm a moron. I forgot whatall happens in here.

I don't know if it is more disturbing to watch South Park in Japanese, or to watch them in Japanese saying "casa bonita" all the time. It's like... mindblowing! But cool! :D Thanks for the link.

I'm trying to learn the Casa Bonita song, I love it so much.

Also, what do you think would happen if Cartman and Bender teamed up?

I think you need to write that crackfic crossover.

My head is still exploding over the translation of "Jew" into Japanese. Cartman is such a wonderful bastard in any language.

Maybe some sort of Awesome-O spinoff!

Cartman is always ♥

Man, I wanna go to Casa Bonita now!

Lol, I learned how to say cannibal in Japanese.

I am so impressed with Cartman's voice actor!

Re: Man, I wanna go to Casa Bonita now!

Yeah, I thought the VAs were great. I want to look for other language dubs now and compare them.

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