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Back to the beginning

I'm finally close to getting all my fanfic into WordPress (God, AO3 will be a whole nother thing!). I've been working my way backwards by year and I'm in 1998 now. Then just a couple from 1997 and I'll be done. (The data entry, at least.)

It's been kind of a downer for a few reasons:

☞ It's so tedious.

☞ So many of the characters in my X-Files fic were dead by the end of the series. One story had Spender, Pendrell, Krycek, and Baldwin (well, he was from Millennium). ALL DEAD. (Seriously, SPN cannot compare.)

☞ I really didn't write very well in 1998.

But, mostly:

☞ The old files have so many names -- beta readers, dedications, thanks -- of people I've lost track of and, in some cases, don't even remember at all. Which I guess is normal after so long and maybe I should be more surprised by the people I am still in touch with. There are still quite a few people from that era -- my fannish cohort -- still on my flist.

Thanks for still being out there, guys. I miss those crazy days of TXF. ♥
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