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You can call me Hal.

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Stick out your hand and say hello.
Thing the First: Twitter

I am getting all into Twitter these days (finally) and I am looking for more cool people to follow. If you are a cool person (and I'm sure you are) and you're into having me read your cool tweets, please leave your @name in the #box.

Poll #1493164 Extra Super Cool People On Twitter That Hal Can Follow
This poll is closed.


If you think I might possibly be a cool person whose cool tweets you would like to read, I am, unsurprisingly, @prillalar. You can judge my current level of coolness by reading my past tweets. There's no poll to rate them, though.

I solemnly swear I will never post my tweets to LJ, cut or uncut, nor will I egregiously spam you with tweets (unless something really exciting happens, like I'm watching The Prisoner again).

Thing the Second: Sunshine

The sun was out today and consequently I am in SUCH A GOOD MOOD that I think I would probably promise anybody anything. Or maybe write some fic. :)

Thing the Third: Cheese. And Also You.

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When you say, "I would probably promise anybody anything," and nobody responds, I read that as your entire friendslist having a mass simultaneous MORAL DILEMMA.

Maybe they just think I wouldn't follow through. :)

Disclaimer: Prills is made of awesome and I love her lots.

Morals? Friends of Prillalar? You've known her for how long, exactly?

XD j/k j/k

Mostly we know she's too cool and busy to cater to our whims. Plus it might be cloudy again tomorrow :x

Re: Disclaimer: Prills is made of awesome and I love her lots.

More like "too lazy"! :D It looks like we'll get more sun this week, though.

I never tweet, but I do like to read. So basically, don't expect too much out of me is what I'm saying.

Also, I got my name wrong. It's m0uthw0rds.

Edited at 2009-12-02 04:27 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Fic and cheese! Add a little chocolate and wine and we'll have paradise. ♥

Also, cheese. You win. ♥

I am not cool, but will awesome suffice? ;)

Also if you're (still?) looking for fic suggestions, I must admit all the recent InuKai activity has mostly just made me want MomoKai. I am shameless :(

I'm hoping to get back to a MomoKai WIP I have but not sure when it will be finished. I have not forgotten them -- I never will. :)


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