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You can call me Hal.

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Shin tenipuri chapters! Etc!
inui manga
1. Prince of Tennis friending meme.

2. New shin tenipuri chapters -- 19 & 20! Just raws so far: http://mangahelpers.com/m/new-prince-of-tennis/chapters/

I'll have to wait for a translation/scanlation for, you know, intellectual commentary, but I did have two reactions I'd like to share:

1. I can't be the only one who wondered if the the coach was having them dig their own graves.

2. One of my shin tenipuri dreams comes true! Data Pair Doubles!

*kiss kiss* for both of you.

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yesssss. and i think there's even more scanlated stuff i have to catch up on, so ty for the reminder!!!

I still haven't grabbed all the Prince of Afterschool stuff. But shin tenipuri I watch for like that hawk in your icon.

omg i just read the atobe and sanada at home things! i want a pair of wings, too!

I think my favourite (well, second favourite after Kaidoh) thing about PoT is that no matter what we write or draw, the canon crack will always top the fanworks.


I haven't tracked it down yet but I would bet it's linked up on http://mangahelpers.com/

This fandom will never let us go!

I am so SHAMEFULLY behind on Shin Tenipuri right now it's not even funny. I think sometime this week I'm going to just start it all over from the beginning.

I would call you a BAD FAN but I'll let you off if you use your JCB icon.

I knew this thing would get me out of trouble.

Of course it would be JUST NOW that LJ is having issues with their image server.

Oh my god, I've caused this haven't I!!

I think it must be JCB. He's Just. That. Pretty.

Can't argue that. I'm going to have to curtail my use of that icon to once a week.

Yes! These chapters! So much everything.

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