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You can call me Hal.

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Irreconcilable Differences
kaidoh kalos
So, the other night I found out that my partner of oh-so-many years doesn't like Kaidoh Kaoru. He claims he told me this five years ago. I think I would have remembered it though.

What should I do now?

Spam him with Kaidoh pics, fic, and essays to change his mind.
Put up with it. At least this way, you only have to pay half the rent.
Learn to love him as he is. It's these little foibles that make long-term relationships so wonderful.
Call the lawyers, it's over.
I know a guy who knows a guy. PM me for more info.
Call Mulder and Scully. He's obviously an alien.
Grow up! It's not like this is a real fandom, like Merlin or something.
I myself do not like Kaidoh Kaoru. By clicking this option, I accept that I may be placed on a watch list.
It's okay as long as he likes Atobe.

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Is it possible that he identifies too much with Kaidoh to be comfortable? Or perhaps he has a deep seated attraction to Kaidoh that terrifies him deep down inside?

I think Kaidoh just scares him, poor lamb. He's very mild-mannered.

I'm personally surprised he had the balls to tell you.

I know! I think it just slipped out. We were watching the Chinese drama and he was all, "Wow, I actually like Hai Tang!"

Is it an active dislike for the character or does he just not care? In case of the former, might jealousy be involved?

I think he knows it's only Drew Barrymore he has to be jealous of. :D

And this is why I won't show my husband PoT. I'm afraid of the answers!

I didn't initiate it -- he was ordering the manga for me at the bookstore he works for and started to read it on his own. Actually, a fair number of my local friends have read or watched PoT. I have no life that is not fandom, apparently.

(Deleted comment)
This will make the watch list easy to compile. :)

I don't know anyone who doesn't like Kaidô. It is just not possible.
Not liking Tezuka ? OK. Not liking Atobe ? OK.
But not liking Kaidô ? Not possible.

Depends. Does he like Atobe?

That's a whole nother poll.

But Kaidoh is so adowable~!

This is why I'm mystified!

You have the best polls. XD *votes for the one with 0 votes atm*

Hee! I thought no one would ever choose that option.

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