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You can call me Hal.

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This is my Canadian icon.
Who was it who posted recently about the travel ad that included Canada as an Asian destination? Because iTunes Genius is pimping me a J-Rock mix based on "hide, Gackt, Billy Talent, and others".

Did we get annexed while I wasn't looking?

Even Alberta?

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The US used us as collateral for their loans

China didn't want us though so they traded us to Japan for a box of men's pocky and a subscription to Newtype

This explains Stephen Harper finally going to China.

lol that would be me~ of course.


Next time you want to go to Japan, you can just come visit me. We have pocky and sushi, so it will all be very authentic.

LOL. China called in the US national debt and they gave Canada away instead of paying. :P

If only that surprised me!

Canadians have such a reputation for politeness that people figured you guys would never say anything about it?

It is a posting from the distant future when Canada got mushed back into supercontinent-Asia. The Russians were very surprised.

Wow, iTunes is getting more advanced all the time. :)

Huh, no wonder I didn't see a Japanese visa in my brother's passport. I just thought it was in the half the dog ate.

I was always hoping we could join the EU, actually.

You would have been a Chinese colony but Japan stole you when we weren't watching. They don't like the Chinese much, you see.

Maybe it's just because Canada's so desireable. :)

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