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You can call me Hal.

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And I can't stop finding your face in their faces, all rearranged.
holding hands
✩ Thank you to all you sweeties for the snowflake cookies AND cake! With luck, the snowflakes will keep the real snow from falling and the cake will...um...attract real cake? Or chocolate, anyhow. :D

✩ Thank you also to everyone who commented on the Tezuka/Oishi story! I was expecting a much smaller response to what's essentially a boutique pairing and such an un-shippy story at that. You made me feel all glow-y.

✩ I'm experiencing a strong desire to get back into Harry Potter just now, though I'm not sure what precipitated it. Maybe it's just that this is a nostalgic time of year? Or because it was so cold I was wearing my Slytherin scarf today? I think I will dig out the books and start a re-read and see where that gets me. (To some hot Ron/Draco, if I'm lucky.)

✩ It's warm inside and I'm happy. I hope you're warm and happy too. ♥

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There's a Ron/Draco fic battle posting right now, if you've the urge: ficadron.

So timely! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

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