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You can call me Hal.

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All the boys who called their mothers on that day
hai tang + daddy
New Chinese Prince of Tennis ep 16 sub out from DoReMii! Mine is still downloading so expect flail after I've watched it. Okay, maybe a little bit now: *flail*

✩ I'm sure you've all seen the scanlations for shin tenipuri 19 & 20 by now. All I have to add is I'm still loving the crack oh-so-very much and I'm in fucking Data Pair Paradise.

✩ I've only just begun my Harry Potter re-read and already the fic ideas are coming back to me. That canon has such incredible scope -- I hope I follow through and get some writing done there. (Maybe that one H/D story I tried and tried and tried to write but couldn't.) It's giving me such a warm fuzzy feeling to revisit the canon.

✩ I have figured out A Plan re LJ/DW now. LJ is my home base. I'm reading everyone here except for a tiny handful of journals I'm following on DW. If I try to follow any more there, I'll get too fragmented and just give up. I'm going to cross-post everything except: fic, which I'll link up from DW; locked entries, which I hardly ever make; posts I make from my iPhone that I'm too lazy to cross-post later, which are probably not that interesting anyhow. Comments will be directed back to LJ.

✩ I've been re-watching Ouran High School Host Club since seeing that YouTube PoT parody vid last week. I'd forgotten just how good it is. And how all the stuff with Hikaru and Kaoru makes me hurt. In a good way.

✩ Cheese, coffee, or chocolate? Which to have?

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Personally, I'm having cheese -- a lovely sharp cheddar -- with a tart Granny Smith apple and a handful of walnuts.

The main issue is that having any of those three would involve getting out of my recliner!

Oh, yay! I want to read Harry Potter fic from you! :D

Man, I need to catch up on the Chinese Prince of Tennis so badly. I mainlined it when I first started watching, but waiting was so excruciating and I got distracted by other things. But I miss it a lot. :( *needs dramapuri icons*

Didn't you just love the Inui/Kaidoh moment at the end, too? It gave me entirely new thoughts on their relationship and such a bunny, to boot!


Oh, yes! You can take it as read that I love all Inui/Kaidoh moments. :) I'm hoping for much love triangle- and square-ness with Inui, Yanagi, Kaidoh, and Momo. Also, for a Data Pair vs MomoKai doubles match -- how awesome would THAT be?

Yay bunny! I await it with pleasure. :)

I always forget about DW. I have one but I forget about it.

and I say coffee but that is just because I happen to like coffee a fair bit more than I should.

I am thinking coffee will win out. I may add some cream for this cup, even, since it's my day off.

I say chocolate. Because I've been shoveling m&m's into the great hole in my face all day long. -_-

I also swallowed my gum earlier. Clearly I should go home and nap.

I have some chocolate but I'm supposed to be saving it for when I'm at my friend's place tonight. Hmm...

Don't you know it takes seven years to digest gum?

I'm amused by the way you're using DW since it's basically the opposite of what most of the people I know are doing. It's a good solution, though, and I'm glad you're using DW even if it isn't "base".

Hee! I know! I think some people would rather do their reading at DW but I prefer it here.

Man, I reeeeeally need to catch up on Dramapuri AND Shin Tenipuri. Gah. *is so behind!*

I would flail so hard if you wrote HP fic! :D

You reeeeeeeeally do!

Aw. :) I hope I can buckle down and write some soon.

I'm HP rereading at the moment, too, and feeling happily nostalgic. I'm really excited at the prospect of fic from you - particularly H/D. *_*

There has never been nor will ever be any fandom or canon to compare it to, I think. It's so fun to be back into it!

I loved the new Shin manga chapters! :D

If you're crossposting to DW, may I read you there instead of here?

LJ or DW, both are fine. I'll keep reading you here. :)

I'm watching Chinapuri 16 right now and all I can think of is Da Shi and Guo Guang in ... compromising positions (because of the fic you posted the other day, obviously.) Ju Wan does not approve.

Hee! Da Shi could use some comfort, I'm sure. I'll distract Ju Wan so he doesn't notice.

I feel like in the drama Zhen Zhi fills the role with Guo Guang that Oishi does with Tezuka. Which is lovely because it all gets so triangle-y with Hai Tang.

I'm in fucking Data Pair Paradise.

LOL You're not the only one, hon. :D

It's been epic in shin tenipuri so far!

I am finally caught up in Shin Tenipuri!! I'm a good fan again. :) Now I need to work on the drama . . .

I've been totally jonesing to rewatch Ouran since you linked to that, too, but maybe I'll read it instead. I've heard the manga's even better! (And I wouldn't have to deal with that bad ending again that way.)

Inui is so pretty in your icon! ♥

The manga is, yes! I was picking up the English volumes but we cut our manga back to the bare essentials (Prince of Tennis & Slam Dunk) last year. I would recommend it.

Ooooh, the parody vid! I hadn't seen it. Thank you for the link! I had to look twice to understand what I was seeing. :-D

I think you should have some chocolate cheesecake with a cup of coffee.

Awesome, right?

Wow, I wish I'd thought of that before I went to the grocery store! But I have blueberries and cream and a cup of tea, so that's just about as good.

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