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You can call me Hal.

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migraine & momokai
"I didn't mean it," Momoshiro says and reaches out for Kaidoh's hand and Kaidoh jerks it back because who would say something he didn't really mean?

"Asshole," Kaidoh says and means it, obviously, and now Momoshiro should get mad so they can fight and get it done, like shaking out a bunched-up blanket so when it settles down it's smooth again.

But Momoshiro doesn't fight, just turns away, staring at the TV in the corner of his room, the game controllers spilled out on the floor, cables tangling into a rat king.

Kaidoh reaches for his jacket, the rules are changed, so he won't play. Momoshiro gives a shrug, his collar shifts, and there's a glimpse of purple, Kaidoh's suck mark on Momoshiro's skin.

Water fills Kaidoh's mouth and knees and chest. He puts out a hand, he has to touch the bruise, he wishes it were ink and it would smear.

Momoshiro catches Kaidoh's wrist, fingers tight against the bone. "You're the asshole," he says.

Kaidoh doesn't move. "I know," he says.

"As long as you know," Momoshiro says and lets Kaidoh push him down and leave another mark on him. "As long as you know."

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Momokai! ♥ For some reason, this is my favorite line: "Asshole," Kaidoh says and means it, obviously, and now Momoshiro should get mad so they can fight and get it done It's just kind of funny and straightforward and sad and naive all at once. Oh, boys. :(

Poor non-socially aware Kaidoh. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hee! It's just my drugged up migraine ramblings, really.

Aw, I just want to squish your kaidoh into tiny pieces.

Is there a person alive who doesn't want to squish Kaidoh?

Migraines are the worst! I hope you feel better soon. :(

But MomoKai is the best! ♥ Their interactions are just so them.

I mostly just feel weird and hungry now, so it should be okay.

They are always fun to think about. ♥

Right when I was off to bed I saw this and sighed happily. :) Nothing like a nice little bit of MomoKai to round off the day. I just love the touch of boyish awkwardness in this pairing.

I do hope you feel better! Migraines are things of horror. D:

They are a comforting pair, definitely!

Thank you -- I'm doing a lot better now. :)

he wishes it were ink and it would smear

I love how they're a mess, but it's a good kind of mess. :)

I like that description of them. :)

MOMOKAI <33333333333333333333333333

They're so horrible together yet so, so great. SIGH :')

Hee! They are very fun, that's for sure. :)

Momokai! Adorable as always.

They soothe my headaches away!

Poor Momo ♥ They always hurt the one they love, don't they?

Eeeee MomoKai ♥♥ They're such boys, but just so cute.

Their cuteness is comforting to me. :)

They really are socially inept. <3

Yeah! And I forgot to put in the line where they're 25 already.

omg WHAT didn't he mean? WHAT? *guesses madly*

Still and all, though. This is lovely. I love the blanket thing, and Kaidoh filling with water. ♥

Hee! With Momo and Kaidoh, it could be pretty much anything!

My migraine-induced metaphors can be a little weird -- I'm glad these ones worked okay. :)

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