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You can call me Hal.

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Four more days!

That's my decorating done.

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We have a plug-and-play tree. It takes up little space and the lights are shiny. : )

My aluminum pole is only virtual, so it takes up the least space of all!

::Checks Festivus:: O__o Awesome! I've never watched Seinfeld, but the story of that tradition is funny.

Also, the pole: virtual, even better. You don't have to store it afterwards.

"This inanimate carbon rod!"

Hee! I'm a fan of the rod also.

I feel I'm missing something. (:

Ah! I always forget about that.

FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US! i hope i don't forget my yearly airing of grievances post. :D

I hope I will remember to make one also! It's good for the soul.

I'm pumped for the feats of strength. Is there an official day that Festivus is celebrated on? I'm clueless about that.

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