Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Church and state

To wax political, or perhaps patriotic for a moment, I was heartened by this article in the Globe and Mail.

The federal government will not water down legislation allowing same-sex marriage, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien insisted Tuesday, admitting that he is praying for his soul but has to act on behalf of all Canadians.

"We want to legalize the union of homosexuals," he said after a meeting of his cabinet, which has shown signs of the dissent reflected in the wider Liberal caucus.

He said that he has heard accusations from Roman Catholic leaders that he risks eternal damnation but feels that the division between church and state is necessary and that he must act in the best interests of all Canadians, not just his fellow Catholics.

Now I don't know just how devout a Catholic Chrétien is, but his public statement that his faith is separate from his role as our leader makes me proud.

Yay Canada!

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