Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Does your mother know that you're out?

1. Any suggestions for communities where I should post/submit the Harry Potter story I posted today? It's Marauder's era, NC17, Sirius/James & Bellatrix/Sirius. (Gratuitous link: Parlour Games) I asked about this previously, then deleted the post when I realized the question was useless without the pairing info, which I didn't want to reveal in advance. And then I forgot to ask when I posted the story this morning because it was 4-freaking-30. LJ or DW comms both super. :)

2. ABBA saved my soul alive at work today. On and on and on, keep on rocking, baby, til the night is gone. Also, it gave me a super-good idea, which I cannot reveal at this juncture.

3. I forgot to mention previously: There will be a new season of the Ookiku Furikabutte anime in the spring! Yay sweet baseball boys!

4. My Generic December Break starts now! Just five days but I plan to spend them being a hermit, hopefully a writing hermit.

5. Fandom is so much fun. So very much fun.
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