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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Festivus!
Airing of Grievances

In the past year, I have been disappointed in the following ways:

✖ Not enough MitKo fic on the Internets.

✖ Some people remain unconvinced of Inui & Kaidoh's True Love.

✖ No Roger/Rafa final at the US Open.

✖ Every time I was about to go out on a date with Drew Barrymore, something happened to prevent it.

✖ Not enough cheese.

Feats of Strength

Write me a one-line fic in the comments and I will write you one back.

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The first year Sirius spent the holidays with the Potters was perhaps his only happy Christmas memory.


Inui's idea of gift-giving continued to perplex Kaidoh, who'd much rather have something useful like a scarf or new grip tape, but after the look of disappointment in Junior year when Kaidoh'd mention this he never said anything about it.

The first year Sirius spent the holidays with the Potters was when he realized that the traditional Christmas dinner was not roast House Elf.

Every time Kaidoh found the perfect gift for Inui, it turned out Inui had already bought it for himself, so he just stuck with mix tapes until he was finally old enough to buy booze.

Inui and Kaidoh are definitely True Love. *nod nod* They have a new song together on the lastest Tenimyu CD, yay! :D

I wish you'd let people comment on Dreamwidth; I avoid commenting on LJ as much as possible. *weak laugh*

Hee! I don't really watch the myus but it always makes me happy to know that they are out there.

I just hate splitting the comments in two places.

Happy Festivus, Hal!

Kaidoh narrowed his eyes and hissed at Momo, "I hate you."

Re: Happy Festivus, Hal!

Momo always thought Kaidoh really hated him until he read about agression being an expression of sublimated homosexual desire, so the next time Kaidoh hissed at him, Momo grabbed Kaidoh and kissed him, but it turned out he had been right in the first place.

My greivance with this year: I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN LAID.

One sentence fic (with your boyfriend, Fuji!):
Inui finally managed to corner Kaidoh alone in the clubhouse after practice, the scent of dirty gym socks still lingering in the air -- little did he know that Fuji had been nurturing the same idea all day.

ETA: My icon is a hilarious reaction to my one-sentence fic.

Edited at 2009-12-23 02:08 pm (UTC)

Best. Triangle. Ever.

"But my birthday only comes once every four years," Fuji wheedled and Kaidoh reluctantly agreed, but it was Inui's enthusiastic reaction to the suggestion that really made him want to reconsider.

James opened one groggy eye to see a Sirius, wrapped up in red ribbon and with a gigantic bow on his head.

James's appreciation of his gift waned somewhat when the charm ended and he found himself kissing a pig.

"I just wanted to call and wish you a Merry Christmas," Inui said, and even though he seemed to have forgotten about the time difference and was actually calling at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Kaidoh smiled.

This is obviously in some future scenario where Inui is studying abroad.

Happy Festivus! ♥

It's so funny we had the same idea, Inui had said, and Stay with my roommate until I get a flight back to London so Kaidoh rang the bell and the door opened and there was Tezuka.

I'm bored.

Draco tapped the letters with his wand, whispering reducio, and placed them back into the bottom of his traveling bag for another year.


Abed sometimes scared himself with his abilities to read the truth in people, because sometimes there were things even he didn't want to know.

The Draco one makes me <3 and OMG Community fic!

Everyone else loved the Christmas trees, but Neville always winced when he thought of them cut down.

It was only late at night and only after the fourth drink, but Jeff sometimes allowed himself to admit he missed the soft touch of Señor Chang.

Most days, Roger was grateful nobody knew that he secretly loved reading stories where the boys in Prince of Tennis were in love with each other.

"This one's about me!" Rafa said, but Roger told him, "No, no, you're mistaken because your English isn't very good," and distracted him with a kiss until he could change his LJ password.

I've convinced my bestie of Inui/Kaidoh and their true love. All that's left is trying to convince her that Akutsu/Dan is just as good. :D

Kaidoh never really cared for the snow, or for holding hands, but that all changed when Inui walked him home last night.

"There's no one stopping you," Akutsu said and didn't look back but when the wind turned cold, he took off his scarf and tossed it behind him.

One afternoon, Inui and Kaido drove out to the park for a picnic and had very hot man loving on the picnic blanket after consuming lots of cheese.

- fin

One afternoon, Hal and Drew drove out to the park for a picnic and saw two hot boys who were having such sexy fun times on an adjacent picnic blanket that they didn't even notice when Drew stole the rest of their cheese.

I bought a 32 oz block of cheese today and thought of you. :-D

Hee! That's awesome. :)

I'm concerned about #2, as well. :( Who keeps cock-blocking you and Drew?

Kaidoh was annoyed. He didn't see why the doctors had to wrap Inui's face so extensively. He had to track down a pair of scissors from the supply room just in order to kiss him.

Re Drew, who knows? It's like some episode of Three's Company!

Zhen Zhi isn't strong, but he's prepared, prepared for tennis, for class, for life -- for everything except Hai Tang.

"Aren't you a handsome boy," Nanjiroh said, and Momo decided he needed to stop going to the park at night.

There's no way I can top that! I'll have to switch pairings.

"Kiss me," Atobe ordered and Sanada did, wondering for the hundredth time if Atobe tasted any different when he was sober.

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