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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Slam Dunk-mas!
slam dunk

Finished up Shohoku vs Kainan, which was awesome as always. Can't wait for Ryonan -- that's my favourite game by far. And the moment that Akagi and Uozumi share after that game is my favourite moment in any sports series.

Every time I re-watch, I get a little closer to actually shipping RuHana. My god, when they fight each other in the gym after Kainan! So much energy between them. I'm still not sure what the way in would be though, for fic, anyhow. But it must be there. The YoHana is strong, too, as always. Youhei even looks fondly at Sakuragi's empty desk when he's not in school.

♥♥♥ MitKo gets its own line. ♥♥♥ When they come into the gym together and Ayako says they're very lively! ♥♥♥ Clearly from making out in some dark corner. Clearly. ♥♥♥

And now: more episodes.

Slam Dunk, you are the fandom of my heart.

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This post makes me so happy and also makes me want to reread the manga. *___* I unashamedly ship RuHana and MitKo. ♥♥ Oh this series! I got into it late but it is close to my heart too.

Once I finish the anime, I'll switch over to the manga from that point. The last volume kills me every time.

Seems like everyone who reads/watches Slam Dunk loves it a lot but not enough people do it at the same time to whip the fandom back up. So sad!

yessss RuHana. One of my first yaoi pairings. I have so many dj. So many of the bigger BL manga women now either got their start or at least did a stint in Slam Dunk dj.

Youhana is the pairing of my heart though.

I also have a soft spot for the Akagi and Sakuragi relationship (so rarely slashed, no doubt due to Gori's than-pretty-face).

Um. Though the sports are important in that series as well!

You are so right about Akagi & Sakuragi. I find them very brotherly, actually. I do love how their relationship progresses.

I do enjoy a good RuHana dj! But the YoHana will always be stronger. Hmm, could make for some nice Youhei-Rukawa confrontations, actually.

I like the basketball better than the shipping, in fact. :)

"Hmm, could make for some nice Youhei-Rukawa confrontations, actually."

There ARE! At least in doujinshi. And sometimes they are so IC it hurts.

(Deleted comment)
Slam Dunk is King. That is all.

I have the feeling the Uozumi/Akagi dinamics inspired the Ootawara/Kurita in Eyeshield. And knowing the authors affection for Slam Dunk, I wouldn't be surprised.

The YoHana is so strong that even an editor of JUNE's magazine commented on how the opening seemed to be about Yohei's feelings for Hanamichi, in a 1994 pairing special on Animage. That was so epic!

Hanamichi is, unknowingly, like a shojo heroine. They all love him deep inside.

That is so interesting about the YoHana! Thanks for telling me that!

And you are right about dear Hanamichi. ♥

Hanamichi is, unknowingly, like a shojo heroine. They all love him deep inside.

lol forever. My fav encapsulating comment on Slam Dunk ever.

He can be so emotional and sentimental and romantic and... they all have a soft spot for him, they can't help it!

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