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Slow down, you move too fast.

✩ Besides all the Slam Dunk, I've been watching lots of South Park. Best DVD investment ever. And AWESOM-O is probably #2 in the Top Five Butterpoofs Episodes Of All Time. (#1 has to be The Death of Eric Cartman.) Dear god, how I love these two.

✩ I've only been off work five days and already I'm afraid I've forgotten how to do my job. Or even where I work. I've had the most glorious introvert downtime -- hardly any human interaction and lots and lots of whipping cream.

✩ We've also been watching a lot of The Sarah Jane Adventures which continue to be completely charming and so much fun. We're about 1/3 through series 3 right now. Sarah Jane is, as everyone knows, about the most awesome person in the universe. Rani and Luke are lovely and fun. Haresh and Gita are beyond cute and I really, really want to get myself into the middle of that. But it's Clyde who completely steals each and every show. I ♥ him. In a non-creepy way. Really.

✩ About Doctor Who I shall only say that it was even more cheese-tastic than usual but I still enjoyed it and am looking forward very much to New Years. Even though we will be away so I won't see it until later.

✩ I also started to re-watch Ace wo Nerae, the live-action. Ryuzaki Reika remains my tennis girlfriend until the end of time. The first time I watched through this, I loved it so hard for itself but it also made me think so much -- actually, pace around my apartment and mutter to myself -- about Tezuka and Ryoma. I'm hoping it will spark more thoughts like that this time as well. I haven't really visited those two in a while. But I don't want to be done with them.

✩ I've been writing a lot this month. A lot for me, that is. I've even got a few things stockpiled to post in January. I think being so productive has really helped me get through December, which is typically a bad month for me, due to the short and overcast days and the schedule disruption of the holidays. I'm typically a slow writer who can't stop editing every word as I type it. I'm experimenting with a system of short sprints -- usually ten minutes -- where I just write as fast as I can without editing and then go back and edit that short section before doing the next sprint. It's worked pretty well so far, though I've only used it for crack fic yet.

✩ Fandom is so awesome and fun. I love you guys. Never change. ♥
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