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You can call me Hal.

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I'm thinking very seriously about getting a Kindle now that they're available in Canada. Do you have one? Do you like it? Do they make Prince of Tennis Kindle skins?

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Can i suggest one of these friendly alternatives to the Kindle, rather than giving your money to a company that perennially hurts independent booksellers, tried to censor GLBT literature from its search pages and site rankings and never apologized for it, joined in the price-gouging war with Wal-Mart & Target (bc they just weren't hurting independent booksellers enough), and only gives publishers a third of the profits from kindle subscriptions to their newspapers, while demanding 100% full share of the licensing???

*remembers to breathe*

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So you don't have one, then.

My dad loves his (and he's currently out of the country, so apparently that functionality works). My mom even loves using it, and she's ... differently abled when it comes to anything technological. From everything I've heard they're pretty awesome (apart from a handful of issues that it seems you'll get more or less with any reader these days), plus, apparently it's not that hard to convert fic for it.

That's great to hear, thanks!

why on earth would you pay 300 USD to purchase a machine that you can read books on? I have to ask as I really don't get the draw of them.

1. I love gadgets with a love that is wonderful, surpassing the love of women. (Even Drew.)

2. I have NO MORE physical space for real books.

(Deleted comment)
That's interesting, thanks!

My dad actually won one in some raffle when he went to a business convention and I think it's pretty spiffy? I haven't used it a lot yet, but the display is really nice (it actually looks fake/like a prop to me, so I'm always amazed when I watch it flip pages and change and such). Can't tell you anything about the battery time or anything useful such as if it's worth the cost especially since ours was free, BUT I have had someone tell me that reading manga on it is ACE. :D Not that there's any manga you'd be into, I'm sure...

Oh, and you can use their 3G network for free as of right now. Not really sure when/how that's going to change, but it's kind of nice that that's there.

From what I've read, the battery life is pretty good! From the Amazon site, the web browser function is not available in Canada, although I did see a post from someone who said it worked anyway, so who knows?

I'm glad to hear that about the display; that's what I'm wondering the most about.

I have heard a lot of people say the Nook is better, but that . . . might be me just being susceptible to advertising, actually, because I can't remember who I heard it from, lol.

I used to be all RAWR NO ELECTRONIC READING DEVICES but then I calmed down a little and realized all the ways in which they can be a good thing! And hey, you could make your own Prince of Tennis skin!

From what I've read, the B&N e-store experience is less than optimal, though the actual device looks good. I *think* it's available in Canada right now.

God, it's the space issue that's really selling me on it. We are drowning in books. (And DVDs.)

I wouldn't want more screens in my life for the time being, but if you are that concerned about physical space for books, and have such a love for technology, it might be worth trying it. A friend of mine has a similar gadget and she was exhilarated about being able to read Merlin fanfic on the go without having to print it anymore.

If it were just another backlit computer screen I wouldn't bother but the e ink should be much easier on the eyes.

I have nothing useful to add about the virtues or non-virtues of the Kindle in particular, but I do find it fascinating when fellow bookworms express an interest in this technology. Although I also feel the space issue, what we've resorted to is storing some of the books we rarely-if-ever read (old textbooks, etc.) in rubbermaid bins and stacking them in storage until the day we move. We have a somewhat current list, and are looking into an ISBN scanner (like the cuecat) to make this easier to update. The digital list is on the iPod Touch so it's portable.

I just can't see myself ever feeling satisfied with having a paperless version of something I like. The physical presence of books is a huge part of the experience for me. Actually, same with videos. Even if I've downloaded a series for free, I will more often than not purchase the DVD collection when I find it because I need to see it on my shelf.

I'm curious to see if this will be a generation thing, and 10-15 years down the road everyone will be walking around with these tablets and I'll seem terribly old-fashioned. :D

Keep us posted!

I do understand the satisfaction of the physical article but it's getting out of hand here. :)

I'm thinking about Delicious Library for cataloging the physical media. It should work with the camera on my MacBook. And I'm also thinking about how to store the DVDs with less packaging.

If u have a Ipod touch/ Iphone. Get Stanza. :)

I have it already! But it's a pain to read on a screen that tiny for very long.

You might want to wait. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2009/12/three-e-readers-at-ces-2010.ars It looks like a bunch are supposed to be announced at the consumer electronics show this year.

Thanks for the link. :) They look quite interesting but there's no way to tell if/when they will be available in Canada, which is always the problem.

Haha, I just got a Kindle for Christmas and have spent the last week winding up* to InuKai fest by reading the collected prillalar InuKai works on said machine.

My disclaimer is the giddy newness of my relationship with my Kindle, whose name is Callisto, but I do love it so far. Here are some pros and cons for the Kindle 1, if that's what you're considering.

1) The machine creates its own readable docs out of .htm files that you move over via USB; alternately, you can email a document to your unique @kindle.com email address, and Amazon will convert the file and upload it to your Kindle for $.15 American. This is the most significant feature for me, since fanfiction is my priority in all things.
2) Wireless internet forever without service charges or wi-fi.
3) I can lay around wherever and read whatever I want on a little slip of plastic, which is better on my spine than sitting up in bed with a laptop.
4) With wireless turned off, the battery lasts for funking ever.
5) It has a Minesweeper easter egg on it?

1) Navigation is clunky, and you can't arrange the documents in any subfolders, so it's just this ginormous list of documents that you have to scroll through. I think you can also search for a particular doc? But I would prefer folders. Possibly due to my own categorizing fetish.
2) It's not designed for browsing, so the Internets are slow, though I did successfully load and navigate Google maps with many clickings of the tiny joystick.
3) Some of the free books I downloaded from Amazon were designed specifically for the Kindle 2 and so wouldn't display on my Kindle 1; I could only view the Table of Contents. I didn't really research this problem, since my primary interest, as stated, was the fanfic-- so this might be some error on my part.
3) Minesweeper stresses me out! One wrong move, and you're DEAD.

* After a long tenipuri hiatus, I am astonished all over again at the crack. What the shit is this? What am I supposed to do with that!

There are two Cons #3.

I bought a 1st generation Kindle a few months ago and had someone smuggle it to Canada for me. ;) I quite like mine, though I prefer to read physical books (the way the page goes black for a moment while it "flips" is still somewhat distracting for me), so I mostly read long fanfics on it (e-ink is much easier on eyes). I do find that Kindles don't organize files very well -- you have the option of sorting by title or authors -- no folder navigation or anything like that. If you plan on storing a lot of books on your ebook reader and want to sort them by anything other than title/author, there are other models that do allow folder navigation (e.g. Bebook).

I feel your pain, I have 4 bookshelves in my BEDROOM ALONE and my floor is still buried with book piles. if we ever get earthquakes in Melbourne I know I'll die of a book avalanche. I'm curious about kindle too... but I'm tempted to buy a Chinese knock-off version since I'm in Beijing right now, not just because it's cheaper, but because I want something that supports Asian languages (you can't read Japanese with Kindle2).

I got an International kindle for Christmas and I have barely put it down. It is amazing. Think, you could reread Atlas Shrugged and not have to lug it around!

I like that I can read the books in a me-friendly font and font size. I like I can read books in bed without being uncomfortable. Here in Australia we have free Wikipedia on the Kindle and that is amazing.

I've yet to convert fanfic to it, but I will be doing that.

I agree with the sentiment that all the documents/books are just listed one after the other, which makes navigating a bit clunky. You can sort them via title, author etc, but if you have heaps of them then it's still stupid.

I like the built in dictionary and I like being able to dip in and out of books without losing my place. I like being able to add notes and highlight things. I just like it, and it fits in my smallest handbag.

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