Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

All we need in this world is some love.

♥ forever.


In other news, I went out last night and after two (2) glasses of wine with food, was so head-spinningly tipsy that I left the party early and came home and tried to write an Atobe/Tezuka PWP while listening to Adam Lambert's If I Had You on repeat.

Sadly, I have nothing to show for it. Maybe next time.


Heading out for a few days, but since we're living in the future, I doubt you'll notice any change in my internet activities.


I no longer make New Year's resolutions after the year I was unable to even keep the "drink more beer" resolution. But in the coming year, I hope to:

✩ Write a lot of fic.
✩ Remain gainfully employed.
✩ Eat a damn huge amount of butter, cream, and cheese.
✩ Go out with my friends at least twice.
✩ Be wonderful.

How about you?
Tags: i like robots better than you
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