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You can call me Hal.

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Check THIS the fuck out!


1. Connect Kindle to Mac.
2. Drag zip file into Documents folder.

When it's February and I don't have to spend all my spare time writing, I will so be starting ES21 from the beginning again.

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...you have actually given me a reason to want a kindle. Well done, you.

I thought it was going to be so much more difficult to get the manga in a readable format. I'm just blown away! I hate reading manga on my computer so I get so behind on even series I love.

Just when I thought I didn't want one of those.... *sighs.*

I'm going to have so much fun with this. :)

That is cool. Is this a new "toy" from Christmas?

Post-Xmas, but brand new, yes. :)

That's really freakin' awesome. I thought you could only look at ebooks you bought and downloaded from Amazon on your Kindle.

This is off topic, but can you type up documents on the Kindle? I see a keyboard and I thought it was just a book/document reader.

You can also load on your own documents, so I've been adding stuff from Gutenberg as well. Yay for free content! :)

You can't create or edit documents. You can add notations to existing ones and do searches and such, so that's what the keyboard is for.


I had no idea that was possible. I might even want one now.

Oo! Can it deal with .rar manga files as well?

I haven't tested that yet. If not, I'm sure there must be a way to batch covert rar to zip.

.rar files do not work, no.

(Deleted comment)
I'm loving mine so much! And I just got my case for it so now I can throw it in my bag.

I would not be opposed to knowing about it at least. :) I have no problem paying for books but I'd rather not re-purchase books I already own a paper copy of.

I will make a post about it later. BUT NOW THAT YOU HAVE SHOWN ME THE WAYS OF MANGA - can you please show me where you dl your manga from?

What prillalar says--I've bought quite a number of e-books but I'm still wistfully wanting those books I already own in paper form (and especially those that aren't available through Amazon!).

I'm a sucker for cheap harlequin romances but I refuse to pay full retail for them :(

I'm a MASSIVE sucker for harlequin romances written in the 70s and 80s. I don't need sex in my stories, or non nuclear families. I like it when the story is predictable and the male is dominant and always turns out to be rich. :) But I cannot find a source of them besides raiding the thrift stores every so often. :(

Oh man! Pocket Data Pair! Your Kindle is a beautiful flower.

For manga, check out Mangle; it does a bunch of stuff to optimize getting manga onto the Kindle, plus it can automatically rotate the long horizontal double-page images to fit on the screen.

I had a look at Mangle earlier but with the latest Kindle firmware, I don't think I'll need to use it. (Assuming I could get it running on my Mac.) Seriously, it was as easy as drag and drop. I guess it would be a help for adding a bit more contrast to the scans though.

(Deleted comment)
Wow. I think I want one now.

Holy smokes, is that device ever tempting.

That is the first thing that has made me genuinely tempted. However, I just bought a baaaaaby computer, so no e-reader for me. (But maybe I should see about batch-editing scanlations for reading on that...)

A netbook? I kind of want one for writing on my lunch break but for now I'm just trying to get better at typing on my iPhone.




Do you have one? I'm so looking forward to devouring lots of manga now!

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