Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Hal's Interesting Update

I feel like I should make an update but I have nothing to say. If you feel like helping out, write something pretending to be me in a comment and I'll edit the post to include it.


Fic that needs to be written by someone: Inui as a cheese connoisseur and Kaidoh as his disciple. Must include lots and lots and lots of cheese. (Preferably with pictures of said cheese.)


I randomly ran into Drew at the farmer's market today. We were both examining the very sad looking zucchini and we started talking. Long story short, I'm uh...gonna be kind of out of touch for a while.




I've invented a robot that does nothing but make perfect cheese.


Today I went walking down the street and ran into a couple of squirrels you'd like to meet! They stood on the tree and stared right at me and then they dug for some nuts.


 Here are some  thoughts on sports manga.
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