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You can call me Hal.

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Two Questions
1. Did anyone ever write a Big Bang Theory AU where Sheldon and Penny are Encyclopedia Brown and Sally Kimball?

2. Will you sing Soft Kitty to me?

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That would be an amazing fic.

And yes. I totally would sing soft kitty.

It would be perfection!

It's been a Soft Kitty kind of week. But I'm thinking tomorrow will be better.

I don't think you can hear me from there.

But I do sing it to my son.

You are a good mother, clearly. :)

(Deleted comment)
I could never solve the damn mysteries and it made me feel so inferior. Even though they are all based on obscure facts that no reasonable person could know.

I'm not sure. I, however, am waiting for someone to write the epic fic of jealous!abed based on last night's episode.

Hi. why are there no communities which cater to my needs.


Abed's dance was a dance of loneliness that made me ache inside.

I still haven't watched SPN though.

Inui vs Sheldon.

Sheldon may win this ninja/pirate battle. He speaks in rhyme. But then Inui would just cheat and poison him.

It was. it so was. and yes, and the look. it near killed me and I was not nearly prepared enough.

You might like it. You might not. I, for one, was not as ga-ga as some on my flist.

It would be the Ultimate Data Battle. And then Kaidoh would just beat Sheldon up.

I need to watch it again. For the sadness.

I will watch it tomorrow, probably. I started re-watching Dexter S1 and it's hard to stop for anything else.

trufax. kaidoh's devotion and love is endless. and slightly violent and misplaced.

I was just thinking the same thing. and mentally drabbling it out while I smoked and thoughts about stomach medications.

Have only watched S1 and parts of S2 of Dexter. For some reason I lost interest.


Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr Purr Purr.

::pats you::

(you do know that Soft Kitty is really only for when you are sick, right?)

Aw, thank you. :) I feel much better now.

If I wasn't sick myself and unable to sing because of my throat, I would totally sing it to you.

I hope you feel better soon!

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