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You can call me Hal.

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Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Max?
Things you notice:

Oh, Community, I love you so.

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That is too fuzzy for my terrible eyes. does that say "Kotter"?

I've had that song running through my head ALL MORNING and it is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.

Why is there not more WBK slash?

You are always blaming me for things!

So what does that say about you?

I didn't expect to like this show so much, but I *do*. It's probably in my top ten favorite shows.

I know! It took a few episodes to hook me but now I know how brilliant it is.

I have never heard of this show, but I'm charmed. (:

I used to LOVE "Welcome Back, Kotter" when I was a kid.

It's a new comedy about a community college -- highly recommended!

Me too. :)

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