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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Birthday to Me!
One more year and I didn't die. Seems like an accomplishment. :)

I've posted my birthday story for 2010: In the Lurch (InuKai). It contains a few of my favourite things, so I hope it makes you smile.

I'm smiling today. I have a great partner, great friends, great fandom. I love my job, I love my hobbies. I have cheese, I have chocolate, I have coffee. I love my MacBook, I love my iPhone, I love my Kindle. The only things I still want are a smart car and Drew Barrymore. And it's good to have things to wish for. Else I wouldn't know what to do when I blow out the candles.

Thank you for your part in making my life so fantastic! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Aw, sweetie. :) We're both lucky. *hugs*

Also, this is the story you may enjoy reading: http://prillalar.livejournal.com/459090.html

Already got it open in a tab! I'm home sick today (boo), so I should be able to finish reading it. It was maddening to start it yesterday and then have to leave for work!

Also: ::hugs::

Re fic: excellent.

Re being sick: non-excellent. I hope you have a restful day with lots of cat therapy.

Thanks! I'm working on that part right now. (:

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