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You can call me Hal.

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Birthday Redux
One more self-indulgent post and then we're done with my birthday until next year.

1. Best present ever: Three new subbed episodes of the Chinese Prince of Tennis drama!!! I've only watched the first so far and it was full of moments that made me clutch my chest and sigh.

2. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It's a small thing but it makes me smile every time and so I was smiling all day.

3. This year's birthday story went over well! So long as I'm being self-indulgent, here's a round up of the last few years' worth of birthday stories:

2010: In the Lurch, InuKai
2009: Show Your Work, InuKai
2008: Prom Night Is Forever, various Seigaku pairings. Also PROM.
2007: Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, InuKai

4. It was a low-key day, which I like the best. Work, dinner out with the boy, home to watch Bleach, relax and such. Some years I do larger pub-type things with my friends, but mostly I like to keep it small and non-fussy.

5. I'm way past the point of counting the ways I know I'm getting old, but I did catch myself saying "damn hipsters!" the other day.

6. So much love for you all!

7. And now, back to my regularly-scheduled panicked fic writing.

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Ahahah damn hipsters! I have yet to reach that level of ~old xD By the way, you should know by now I'm that cliched friend everyone has that can never remember your birthday until at least two days later. ♥ I hope you had a great one and I wish you only the very best. *hugs* *sneaks some cheese into your back pocket*

It was good, thank you!

Wah, I loved all of those. :(

So it looks like I should be having a Chinese drama marathon next week while I'm on my own for a few days. Yes.

Have you read the Bleach manga yet? Is it really that good?

Hipsters suck.

♥ right back at'cha!

I may have to re-marathon the Chinese drama eps. I want to re-watch a whole bunch of them!

I used to read the manga but I'm far behind now. We watch the anime every week, though. We really enjoy it!

They do suck, with their skinny jeans and their faux irony and their hula hoops.

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