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You can call me Hal.

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and when my laundry is through I will tumble with you
kaidoh kalos
✎ Only a bit more editing and I'm finished with my January writing deadlines!

✎ Giddy with being nearly finished with my January writing deadlines, I signed up for otpimpchallenge.

✎ Possibly I will post some stuff next month that doesn't have anything to do with writing. Like finally some commentary squee on the new PoT drama episodes.

And now, a poll:

Kaidoh Kaoru has embarrassing sex dreams most often about:

The person who most often has embarrassing sex dreams about Kaidoh Kaoru is:

I would like to sign up to have embarrassing sex dreams about Atobe:

Of course
Where do you think I get all the ideas for my fanfic?

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If I sign up for the dreams can I have one tonight?

Of course! What's your preferred location for the encounter?

Oops, twobees is me. I wouldn't want to vote twice and skew the results.

That's good, otherwise the whole experiment would be invalid. And then Inui would cry.

Exactly! I would never want that.

PS what pairing are you going to most want to write for that exchange! I'd do it except the due date falls during a time I will almost certainly not have internet. :(

I think I'm supposed to keep it secret. Although I'm still not sure I filled out the sign-up right!

Durp. In that case, I look forward to reveals!!

Clearly you have to write some sort of Momo/Kaidoh/Karupin fic now.

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