Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

14 forever

"You talk too much," Momoshiro says. He leans back on the floor, square in the only patch of sunlight.

"I don't talk at all." Kaidoh lies down too, rolling against Momoshiro's arm and trying to get a bit of sunshine for himself. But Momoshiro is immobile as a cat and just as smug.

"I hate summer." Momoshiro stretches and his shirt rides up his belly. "It's so boring." He pulls out an earbud and tucks it into Kaidoh's ear.

"You're boring," Kaidoh says and rolls a little more, up and over onto Momoshiro's chest and his back is warm and his arms are warm and Momoshiro is warm.

He opens his mouth and they kiss, slowly because of the sun, that pop song that's everywhere playing warm inside their heads, over and over, on repeat.

"I hate this song," Momoshiro says.

"I hate it too," Kaidoh says.

He downloads it as soon as he gets home.
Tags: can't stop thinking about you, fic, momokai, tenipuri
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