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You can call me Hal.

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✿ "It's the first day of spring," I said to someone in my dream. Then I woke up and had to take a Claritin. The cherry blossoms are pretty but they plague me so. I can't wait until they fall. They drift in the gutters like snow and I don't have to buy so many tissues. I wonder if I could get -- and get away with wearing -- nose plug filters like these.

zortified says it's International Take Your Blankie To Work Day. The place I worked before this got so chilly sometimes I actually did keep a blanket to put over my knees. But I've upgraded my business image since and I don't think they make Executive Blankies. If only our company had gone with my idea for branded slankets!

✿ To celebrate Valentine's Day, we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Am I wrong for wanting a Doctor Who crossover that pits the Doctor against Bad Horse?

✿ I can't seem to stop listening to Stars lately, Elevator Love Letter on repeat especially. I think it's changing my personality somehow. Into someone a bit round and wistful and floating along on a calm river of faint sadness. I don't think I can go cold turkey but maybe I can transition off with Do You Trust Your Friends? Also, caffeine might help.

✿ More new inukai_exchange stories this week!

✿ I keep "forgetting" to watch Supernatural. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. I'm pretty darn excited about Lost being back, though. I never really talk about it here, mostly because we have Official Work Meetings to discuss it, so that takes care of my fannish needs. Anyone watching Caprica? I liked the pilot when it came out on DVD. I didn't rewatch it but gave episode 2 a try. It didn't really hook me though and I didn't watch it all -- should I give it another chance?

✿ Time for work. Enjoy your day! ♥

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Provided it's a Tenth Doctor cross, I can imagine most of the story involving the Doctor making that face (you know the one) and saying "What? No, really, what?" while Bad Horse whinnies melodramatically. Though I suppose he's really not much worse than some of the Master's prior incarnations.

And probably far eviler!

What on earth is a slanket?

I'd love to see Bad Horse appear in a whole bunch of different fandoms. Doctor Who, sure, but why not Supernatural, Stargate, Firefly, Sports Night...the more seriously a show takes itself, the more excellent Bad Horse would be in it. Especially with his singing henchmen.

I really, really want my own singing henchmen.

I think that would be a lot easier to arrange than a robot army.

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