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✩ My inukai_exchange story -- the one I wrote -- is up: Space, Time, Telephone. Have a read, if you are so inclined. :)

✩ My Olympics "boycott" is going well. I've been watching lots of women's hockey and I have a new hockey girlfriend: Zuzana Tomčíková, the Slovakian goaltender. I have pledged my undying love to her because of her amazing goaltending and am planning to stalk her until she agrees to marry me. That will work, right?

✩ Men's hockey starts today, hopefully I'll get to see some of Canada vs Norway tonight. Hopefully, Martin Brodeur will be in goal. MARTY! Ahem.

✩ Following the #olympics tag, seems like half of the tweets are about how much NBC's coverage sucks. Amusing to me, but only because it doesn't affect me. Sorry, guys!

✩ So, I'm kind of shipping Sode no Shirayuki and Senbonzakura. Anyone with me?

✩ Ah, work time. Have a great day, sweeties!
Tags: boycott the olympics, inukai
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