Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I thought they were pirates...

Back at the uni theatre last night to see The Matrix Reloaded one more time.

I realise that this movie is flawed as a movie -- that it has structural problems, etc, and that some people really hated it. But I loved it then and I still love it now. I'm tempted to go back tonight. (Or I would have been, if my Stargate S3 DVDs hadn't just arrived. W00t!)

I love the way it looks. I love the kung fu. I love the ideas about reality and the way it makes me think and think and think.

I love The Coat.

One thing that struck me that I don't think I posted previously is the relationship between Morpheus and Neo. Neo is The One. He's a super hero and the messiah. Morpheus is his mentor, but it's doubtful Neo is still receiving any training.

But Morpheus is not just Neo's mentor, but his leader, his boss. Watch them walking around -- it's always Morpheus out in front, with Neo and Trinity behind. The Father, the Son, and Trinity makes, well, three.

Neo defers to Morpheus for decision making. He follows orders. He trusts. He obeys. And that just seems odd, from a story perspective. By this point in the story, he should have either lost his mentor (and after I'd seen The Matrix, even after seeing it more than once, I kept forgetting that Morpheus was still alive -- it was so natural to think he'd died) or rebelled against him. To kick Neo up to the next level.

Maybe we'll see that in Revolutions. I can't wait.

Reloaded time travel: Ooh, pretty, deep thoughts, drabble.

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