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You can call me Hal.

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☼ I've been spending the weekend indoors to avoid my good dear friend pollen, but I'm so restless and it's so lovely out, I might dare an excursion later on. What should I do? Walk? Shop? Walk to coffee shop, then have latte & Kindle time? Then home to scrub my sinuses with a wire brush?

☼ Of course I will be home before the Canada-US men's hockey game tonight! God, I'm already a bundle of nerves. Especially after the Canada-Switzerland shoot-out last week!

☼ One thing that always brightens my days: Art in My Coffee - a Tumblr blog of latte photos. Lovely coffee pics every day in my RSS reader. Now whenever I get a latte, I make sure to take a photo. I never send them in, though.

☼ I watched one episode of Durarara on Crunchyroll. I'm still not quite sure what the premise is but I plan to watch more. :)

☼ Enjoy your day!

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I hope you like Durarara. Personally, I think it's a great show! Though it doesn't get so godly until episode... 3, if I recall correctly.

I've watched the first six now and I seem to be duly sucked-in. :)

I pay attention to the patterns on coffee ever since I saw coffee icons in the style of that blog. I never take pictures, though.

Since many people on my f-list are talking about Durarara, I downloaded the first 6 subs, but have watched none yet. The character design is a bit too modern for my taste, and if it's waaay too crazy I might just pass, but giving it a chance is free. You can never judge a series from a first episode, indeed. :D

Mine is about to end, so enjoy yours for me!

I just take them with my iPhone.

I've watched 6 now and I alike it a lot! But there are so many characters I'm having a lot of trouble keeping them straight.

I have now seen 7 episodes of Durarara and I STILL am not sure what it is about. ^_^

Maybe we'll never know. :)

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