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My Children, Be Joyful

In other news, my time and attention has been completely hijacked by Olympic hockey. Watched 3 of the 4 men's quarter finals yesterday. Both US v Switzerland & Canada v Russia were off the hook! As much as we get riled up over the Canada v US games, that's more of a general rivalry. Russia is our One True Hockey Rival.

Today, the women's finals: Sweden v Finland for bronze, then Canada v US for gold! Tomorrow, US v Finland & Canada v Slovakia. (I was so sure we would be playing Sweden!)

Next week, life will return to normal.

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Hi~! I just added you up, hope you won't mind ^^;
Have you watched the speed-skating tournaments? They were awesome. XDDD

Adding is always fine. :)

I didn't get to see much speed-skating, no. A little curling, though!

My children, be joyful -- so full of uplifting sparkly awesome!!! Thank you so much for posting it! :-D

Isn't it lovely? It gives me such a boost. And the little puppet girl is so cute.

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