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You can call me Hal.

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Remembering the real world and by "real world" I mean "fandom".
Still in a hockey haze, but with only two games left, I'm trying to make the shift back to my normal life. Especially since I have a ton of writing, etc, to get to.

inukai_exchange Week 3 Round-Up:

Playing Pro by shikanashi_kk
Inui claims not to be a pervert.

Kaidoh Infinity by venivincere
Inui's special to-do list.

Anger Management by aunt_agatha
Sleeveless shirts and unwanted attention.

Irrational Expressions by espial
Things to share.

Right On Time by hamburgerjack
In which Fuji gives dubious advice.

That's the end of the stories, sadly, but it's been really awesome having so much new InuKai to read! I'll post more about the exchange next week, after the official wrap-up.

Other Media Section
✔ I started watching Skip Beat! on Crunchyroll and it's been super-cute and fun so far.

✔ I've downloaded the first series of Being Human on a rec from a friend, but haven't given it a try yet.

✔ Part of me wants to wait until the end of the season to watch Lost because at the end of every episode, I jump up and yell, "What? It's over? But I'm not done yet! Show me more!" But if I did that, I would probably be fired, so.

✔ I just found out you can watch episodes of The Littlest Hobo at the CTV site! Of course, I never actually enjoyed the show, but could anything be more Canadian? (Well, except for The Beachcombers.)

Happy Weekend, everyone. :)

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I'll add my rec to Being Human--I love it! And my headshake for Littlest Hobo--don't do it! But you're right--that dog should have a red maple leaf tatooed on his ass *L* Sadly, I have no opinion on Lost as I gave it up after the polar bear showed up in the third episode *L*


Good to hear! I haven't had a chance to watch any Being Human yet but soon, I hope.

I do sometimes watch a bit of LH if I turn on the TV and it's there. There's kind of an awful nostalgia about it. :)

But heaven help you if you catch the theme song going in--that sucker'll stay with you for days!!

But I actually really like the theme song! It always cheers me up. :)

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