Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate S3 Roundup 1

So I was supposed to spend this weekend making a significant dent in my WIP. And then my Stargate S3 DVDs showed up. Fate or something like it. The stories so far:

Into the Fire
A little disjointed, like I've found most Stargate two-parters to be. Plus with everyone split up, the story got pretty splintered. But oh, on Chulak when General Hammond pulled down the cowl of his robe, I melted. I so love him. Some nice Star Wars moments, with carbon-freeze Jack, tractor-beam disabling Sam, and Millennium Falcon Teal'c and Hammond.

Fun. Some good academic babble from Daniel. Nice to see more of BC than the forests for a change. Eunuch jokes are always funny. I think the father of the cultist boy should have been played by Terry David Mulligan, though.

Fair Game
Thor. Jack. Jack and Thor. Thor and Jack. *sigh* Oh, and the plot was kind of dumb. But who cares? Jack/Thor 4EVA!

God, but Daniel Jackson gives good crazy. When he apologizes for being such a head case and starts to cry -- *gulp*. And some lovely Jack/Daniel interaction with the chess and cards and wrestling in Daniel's bedroom. I loved the Stargate-in-the-closet -- very Chronicles of Narnia.

Learning Curve
I'm not much for "kid" episodes, but I liked this one. I liked the kids, I really liked Jack. He just cares about people and he won't be reasoned out of it. That's attractive. And I thought Sam was just so smart and lovely too. I ♥ her. And Daniel with his headscarf and his archeology! And Teal'c had the greatest stares in this ep.

Point of View
Hmm. I loved seeing Kawalsky again and I wish he could have stayed. But I was much more interested in seeing how the two Sams interacted with each other than the weird Alt!Sam/Jack plot. That was squicky and no doubt about it. Many good trademark blank looks from Daniel.

In fact, this season so far has been rich in Daniel's blank looks, where he just sort of stares, sometimes with his mouth open a little, and the cut comes a second later than it should. I love them. They kind of remind me of Joel Robinson.

Also, both Jack and Daniel have bad hair.

And now I must watch some more. Or write. Aargh, the dilemma!

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