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You can call me Hal.

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On the subject of me.
horio is the smex
I haven't been posting much in the way of, well, anything lately. I guess I'm more in a fic-writing head-space and it makes it hard for me to formulate even boring posts on stuff like what I had for dinner, etc. I got my (fabulous) otpimpchallenge fic submitted last week and am now beavering away on a pinch-hit, which is totally different from what I'd originally planned. After that, I will indulge myself with some fic just for me, me, me!


Writing-wise, I've been having a lot of success with Write or Die. I never thought I could write that way but it's been great to generate a lot of drafty material in a short time, which is completely opposite to my usual procedure of painfully editing everything in my head before putting it down in electrons. (Or is it already in electrons in my brain?) I even shelled out $10 for the desktop version, which has the UGLIEST interface of all time but which has been very useful. The Word War feature looks fun! Anyone ever use that?


I was talking over my pinch-hit story, which is super-cracked-out, with the Boy and he said, "Are they going to wear masks? You should have them wearing masks!" And I was all, "Oh, yes, it would be awesome to have them playing tennis wearing masks if that hadn't ALREADY HAPPENED IN CANON. There is no crack left! NO CRACK LEFT!" And then I cried.


I'd tell you what I had for dinner, only I haven't had it yet. I love you all! Did you have a fun weekend? xoxoxoxoxoxox

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(Deleted comment)
Yay 4 day weekends! We're watching old Simpsons episodes this evening.


I am having kale with lemon and garlic.

Mmm. I will have a cheddar omelette soon.

::Checks the Website:: That "Write or Die" gadget sounds awesome!
Just a question, since you have recently installed it: does it need to connect to the Internet after you have installed it? (As a means to register the product so that one dutifully paying downloader doesn't give it for free to other many people.) I write in an Internet-less computer, so I'd need to install it there. I wonder if it'll work even if you don't connect to the Internet. I am currently downloading the Adobe AIR software preventively.

There is little the PoT canon hasn't done, and Konomi seems to be working his way on covering that little in Shin-Tenipuri, isn't he?

I don't think you need to connect, no. I turned off my wireless and opened it and didn't get any errors or anything. But that wasn't the first time I've run it, so I don't know what it does the very first time.

Konomi seems to be trying to pre-empt any crack we could possibly come up with. And a lot of stuff nobody ever would think of!

Thanks! I might try my luck. I think I really could use that device.

If only he'd be wise enough to let the fans do their job and focus on his own... /impopular opinion here, I know. ;D

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