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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis stuff
tezuryo net
* We must be due for new Shin Tenipuri raws soon. *braces for the crack* I think we need some serious MomoKai there soon, to balance out the Data Pair. Or just because it would be awesome.

* otpimpchallenge started posting and the story written FOR me was the very first! A Bird in the Hand by tomiyo_hikura2, Niou/Ootori. Choutarou is just darling and Niou is very fun. :)

* I'm still working on my pinch-hit for the exchange, so I haven't read the other stories posted yet, but I'll catch up as soon as I've got my edits done. I'm hoping for lots of new strange pairings!

* I made a syndicated LJ feed for the new and updated Prince of Tennis stories posted on fanfiction.net, so if you're interested in keeping up with that, it's here: tenipuri_ffn

* I can't decide whether to start re-watching the anime or the Chinese drama from the beginning. Any advice?

* Which pairing is more adorable: Momo/Kaidoh or Cheng Wu/Hai Tang?

* Which pairing makes your heart hurt more: Inui/Kaidoh or Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang?

* Which pairing is hotter: Tezuka/Kaidoh or Daddy Guo Guang/ Hai Tang?

* I like cheese. [ removed for non-relevance to post subject ]

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Is any of s2 dramapuri subbed yet, do you know?

God, that pinch is probably for me. :(

OH WOW HELLO RSS FEED. This is extremely helpful, thank you!!

I'm waiting for more AkuDan, too. Man, was Sanada badass in the last issue or what? I don't care if the series is fan service crack- it's making my heart soar anyway.

Tomorrow I will finally be able to afford dill havarti again. Sob.

The first two eps are! I was over the moon to watch them! There are some (non-Regulars) cast changes that take a bit of getting used to and they have new sets, but it's still the same old lovely boys. ♥

I will probably be killed if I reveal anything. :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to read at ff.n!

Sanada was so much love. You can tell he's struggling valiantly against the crack. I hope he doesn't let Konomi wear him down.

Mmm, I love dill havarti.

The quality of random PoT fic at ff.net is WAYYYY higher than for HP. I never would have discovered this if I hadn't gotten desperate one night.

Just the very thought of Sanada suggesting it amplified my crush by 92.6% fjdksl Best Pep Talk Ever.

Okay no lie Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang makes me want to weep like a baby.

God, I know! It's Zhen Zhi's sad eyes.

(Deleted comment)
If only I had that kind of time!

You think? :D

Niou/Ohtori? That sounds interesting. Thanks for the link!

I think it's been a year since I last watched dramaputi. But I already have all of the first season downloaded, so I have no excuse, really.

Well, I wouldn't want you to disrupt your South Park schedule. :D

Oh, don't worry! Lunch time is reserved to those adorable bastards. ;D

Whoa, it's probably too late for me to vote! Which one did you go with?

* Which pairing is hotter: Tezuka/Kaidoh or Daddy Guo Guang/ Hai Tang?


The silence in the comments, re: hotter, suggests that there is nothing hotter than Tezuka/Kaidoh and that your readers' eyeballs shorted out from the hotness and never made it to the rest of the question.

Well, it's not like any of those pairings got written afterwards, beyond a bit of poking at an InuKai WIP. :D In this instance, Tezuka/Kaidoh is definitely hotter but Guo Guang/Hai Tang is so so much lovelier, it's higher on the "to write" list.

But you should feel free to have a go at the Tezuka/Kaidoh. I'd love to see your take on it! Maybe we should do prompt exchange for motivation. :)

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