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Prince of Tennis stuff

* We must be due for new Shin Tenipuri raws soon. *braces for the crack* I think we need some serious MomoKai there soon, to balance out the Data Pair. Or just because it would be awesome.

* otpimpchallenge started posting and the story written FOR me was the very first! A Bird in the Hand by tomiyo_hikura2, Niou/Ootori. Choutarou is just darling and Niou is very fun. :)

* I'm still working on my pinch-hit for the exchange, so I haven't read the other stories posted yet, but I'll catch up as soon as I've got my edits done. I'm hoping for lots of new strange pairings!

* I made a syndicated LJ feed for the new and updated Prince of Tennis stories posted on fanfiction.net, so if you're interested in keeping up with that, it's here: tenipuri_ffn

* I can't decide whether to start re-watching the anime or the Chinese drama from the beginning. Any advice?

* Which pairing is more adorable: Momo/Kaidoh or Cheng Wu/Hai Tang?

* Which pairing makes your heart hurt more: Inui/Kaidoh or Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang?

* Which pairing is hotter: Tezuka/Kaidoh or Daddy Guo Guang/ Hai Tang?

* I like cheese. [ removed for non-relevance to post subject ]
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