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You can call me Hal.

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If I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need.
horio is the smex
✺ I really want one of these ZÜCA Pro carry-ons. Like, really. Is 300 bucks too much for luggage?

Is anyone else having trouble with the LJ scrapbook? I can view mine but can't upload to it. (Else I would have added a pic of the lovely, lovely ZÜCA Pro.) The upload page just tells me I need to be logged in, even though I already am. I wonder if it's an issue with Excolibur. If you *can* upload, can you paste in the URL of the upload page for me? Working now. It's Tuesday -- LJ must have pushed a code fix.

✺ I finished my otpimpchallenge pinch-hit story! Two days late and I had to get my partner to beta it at the pub. He's useful that way. Good thing he's a tenipuri fan.

✺ I am reading a book about how to make small talk and get people to like you for business reasons. Now I actually want to meet some new people to test out my technique. So long as I don't have to stay out after dark.

✺ I may have to buy an evening gown, a new experience for me. It's not for a real occasion as such, but the Boy and I thought it would be fun to get way super dressed up for a "banquet" at a D&D con. He needs to buy a tuxedo anyhow for his various musical performances. I don't even know where to shop for this! I may have to actually get shapewear or something! I hope I don't buy a Mother of the Bride dress by mistake!

✺ I ♥ you guys. *kisses*

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300 sounds cheap for something like that. I've seen regular luggage in department stores that go for the same price. But I like it! It is fancypants. :D

Good luck with dress shopping!

I much appreciate you helping me rationalize this! ♥ Also, maybe it will turn out that money CAN buy happiness.

*grabby hands* Oh, I wish I had even the thinnest of excuses to purchase that suitcase! It calls to my inner 8-year-old with her Hello Kitty miniature stationery set!

I will probably get the black-on-black model. It's so gadgety!

So clever! So organized! *enables*

If you are using LJ Login and try to use scrapbook, it tells you to log in. Click on the logged in link, it should redirect you to a page that says welcome back. Click save on the options, then you should be able to upload into scrapbook.

...I've had that issue so many times. =/

And...I kind of want that luggage.

I went to try your fix and I didn't have to -- it's just working now. I assume LJ fixed something, since it's Tuesday.

The luggage calls out to me. I've been trying to resist it for over a year now.

Always Tuesday. Did you bring your hat?

Quite the willpower you have there.

I've gotten my feet trampled by Zucas so many times, I've developed an allergy to them. The mere link is making my toes ache.

good luck with the formalwear shopping! Just steer clear of...you know what, I don't want to accidentally insult your taste, you'll be fine sweetie <3

Aw, your poor toes! I would never run over them.

Hee! Well, I'm looking for something in black and NOT satin. Fairly plain. Maybe like this: http://images2.onlygowns.com/EG_43_L.jpg

::imagines you in that dress::

::faints from the hot::

My suggestions aren't black; I picked them for their overall shapes and how they would work with your body type.

Hee! I do think it would suit me, yes. :)

-holy crap you could keep your life in there. buy it.
-if he's a tenipuri fan then hold on and don't let go.
-ooh, social engineering. i love that there's even a term for that.
-dress shopping is kind of exciting. speaking of shapewear, have you ever seen these?

I got a larger than usual paycheque this month so I think I will blow the excess on a Zuca Pro!

Yeah, he's been into the series almost as long as I have. :) He's great for brainstorming and such.

Those panties scare me.

That ZÜCA thing is GENIUS. Now I want one, too!

I can imagine exactly the sort of gown that would look great on you, but not being where you are, I have no idea where you should shop for it.

Ooh, those are nice! I have today off and I'm going to be downtown, so I'll poke around in a few places and see what I can see. I have a feeling in the end I'll just buy a cocktail dress instead of a gown, but it should be fun looking. :)

(I'm kind of obsessed with this dress now: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3014424/0~2376776~2374327~2374331~6014146)

Hmm. I don't dig the paler floofy stuff on top, for your build. But I'm sure you'll look great, whatever you pick.

I demand pictures, predictably.

Those bags look like the ones I see at our local ice skating rink. The kids use them for their equipment.

Yeah, they have a sport version that's v. popular.

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