Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

If I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need.

✺ I really want one of these ZÜCA Pro carry-ons. Like, really. Is 300 bucks too much for luggage?

Is anyone else having trouble with the LJ scrapbook? I can view mine but can't upload to it. (Else I would have added a pic of the lovely, lovely ZÜCA Pro.) The upload page just tells me I need to be logged in, even though I already am. I wonder if it's an issue with Excolibur. If you *can* upload, can you paste in the URL of the upload page for me? Working now. It's Tuesday -- LJ must have pushed a code fix.

✺ I finished my otpimpchallenge pinch-hit story! Two days late and I had to get my partner to beta it at the pub. He's useful that way. Good thing he's a tenipuri fan.

✺ I am reading a book about how to make small talk and get people to like you for business reasons. Now I actually want to meet some new people to test out my technique. So long as I don't have to stay out after dark.

✺ I may have to buy an evening gown, a new experience for me. It's not for a real occasion as such, but the Boy and I thought it would be fun to get way super dressed up for a "banquet" at a D&D con. He needs to buy a tuxedo anyhow for his various musical performances. I don't even know where to shop for this! I may have to actually get shapewear or something! I hope I don't buy a Mother of the Bride dress by mistake!

✺ I ♥ you guys. *kisses*
Tags: i like robots better than you, on the subject of me
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