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Stargate S3 Roundup 2

More Stargate eps. I love getting to watch so many at once. Earlier this year, I got DVDs of all of Blackadder and I watched through those in much the same way. When the boy would comment, I would say, "I'm allowed to watch as many episodes as I want!" And I still am.

Deadman's Switch
I confess, I don't understand what the title had to do with the episode. The bounty hunter was an interesting character, but the plot was -- was there even a plot? If the bounty hunter shows up again, my enjoyment of this ep will retroactively increase. I think Daniel had some nice blank looks, though.

[insert every possible witch joke from Monty Python, Blackadder, Wizard of Oz, and Good Omens here] It was kind of interesting to see them dance around Christianity on this planet, actually. Too bad they had to go with the standard "corrupt cleric" thing. As soon as we lay eyes on the -- what was his title? -- cleric, we see him drinking (or it could have been eating) and that's our sign that he abuses his authority. Too flat. Oh, and if everyone you trepan dies, you're doing it wrong.

Rules of Engagement
This episode charmed me utterly. What a great idea! Train as SG members and infiltrate the Tau'ri! Teal'c was so enjoying himself, especially when he got to call Jack "underling". And those freshfaced boys were so cute. I wanted to slash Rogers and Nelson. It was a little odd that they didn't treat these kids as an actual security risk though, just deprogrammed them and let them go.

Forever In A Day
I admit to still being confused at the end about what was real and what wasn't. But I also admit that when Teal'c stood in front of Daniel and said, "Is there not some form of human ritual in which I may ask your forgiveness?" I broke down and spent most of the rest of the episode crying. God. I can still feel this episode in the pit of my stomach. Good stuff.

Past and Present
Or, The Episode In Which Daniel Learns That Sex With Women Can Lead To Trouble. I suppose this ep was meant to be touching, but it just felt icky. Also, the whole Linnea thing was really, really super obvious. You know, Daniel is almost as much of a demon magnet as Xander.

Jolinar's Memories
God, Carter, shag Martouf already!

The Devil You Know
In which people's memories substitute for a plot. And Carter still doesn't shag Martouf. Apophis was kind of cool, though, with his nifty blade. Gosh, I hope none of those poor boys who stopped their wargame training and went home because they were told that Apophis was dead are going to get in trouble now

Ooh, good creepy ep. I thought they handled the whole "who can we trust" thing very well. I loved seeing Teal'c taking out airmen left and right. And Maybourne! Yay him! Nice to see him in a non-obstructive role. The whole hanging from the ceiling thing was unnecessarily weird, though. Carter's recording of Puberty Love destroys the aliens and all is well again.

God, Carter, shag Narim already!

Very, very fun. The pie! Dom DeLuise! More pie!

And now to sleep and wait for people to post their Vividcon con reports.

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