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You can call me Hal.

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My partner went out to buy the Sherlock Holmes DVD.

He came back with the Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray and a Sony PS3 to play it on.

OMG SO PRETTY. No more dragging my heels on upgrading my cable to digital and HD.

Also, games? I have never been a console gamer, but now I might have to give it a try.

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well feel free to keep me updated on it because i'm positive the next Kingdom Hearts game will be on PS3 at which point I will totally have to buy myself one.

I'm not sure if it's your kind of thing, but we love love love Rockband. Best investment in a video game we've ever made. Also, best party game. :D My favorite in the franchise is the Lego Rockband.

We probably won't jump right in to something that requires extra controllers, but it does look fun. Hopefully, we can try it out at someone else's place and see if we like it.

Currently, I'm leaning towards LEGO Indiana Jones as my starter game. :)

We'll see how it goes. :) We're neither of us gamers in this sense so this is new territory for us.

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Besides having a blu ray player, your TV also has to support HD, so maybe that's why it doesn't look any different for you? The difference was really startling to us! Now I'm faced with the task of keeping him from re-purchasing movies we already have in blu ray. (Well, I'm sure we'll spring for LotR eventually!)

What a cool partner you have!

Was it the first time you'd seen it? And what'd you think?

We saw it in the theatre, so this was the second time through. What a great film! I'm thinking the Boy has a bit of a thing for RDJ; he can't stop going on about how wonderful he is. (I think he's a Holmes/Watson shipper too, at least moreso than I am.) He's watched Iron Man quite a few more times than I have as well. :)

The SO PRETTY was in ref to the blu ray which was phenomenal quality! It's all I can do now not to rush out and buy lots more discs, just to revel in it.

Maybe I can get you into Resident Evil :D. Now I'm going to have to think about blu ray when I get my shiny new TV. There should be government subsidies for this stuff.

Maybe so! I'm trying very hard to be sensible about which blu-ray discs I pick up, but we'll see how that goes. :)

well aren't you a lucky bastard(ette)!! Congrats!!

I second the Rock Band motion, oh Lord those games are so addictive (once you get the hang of it). Be sure to give it a try at the store first, some people simply can't deal with it D:

I will definitely check it out! I'm pretty sure I dreamed I was playing it last night. :)

Ahhhh lucky~ I still haven't seen the movie; it came out in the U.S. while I was in Japan, and didn't come out in Japan till I'd already left :( Planning on either buying or renting it this weekend; I'm excited to watch it!

And GAH PS3 WAAAAAAANT. Final Fantasy XIII is out and I kind of make a sad whimper noise whenever I see ads because I can't play it. I adore console gaming ♥ I hope you can find something you like! There's a ton of variety out there as far as video games go now. (And although it's a PS2 game, I very much recommend Katamari Damacy because it's both super-easy and challenging to play, plus it's just a TON of fun.)

Anyway. Enjoy your new toy :D

I was thinking about Katamari Damacy, definitely. I think Katamari Forever is available for the PS3. (You can't play PS2 games on it, sad to say.)

I hope you enjoy Sherlock Holmes! It was so pretty and so fun, so I'm sure you will. :)

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