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You can call me Hal.

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The weekend, passing.
New Who: YAY and also YAY! The episode was lovely, Eleven is lovely, Amy is lovely, the series will be lovely. amanuensis1 captured the charm of it it perfectly: One of the things that endears me to Doctor Who so much is the way it invites its viewer fans to anticipate the story twists and hints, rather than trying to obscure them or startle you with them. (no spoilers in the post)


Oofuri: Only one more episode to go and I'm done my re-watch and ready to jump in with the new season. It's been such a lovely few days of baseball and hand-holding. And Kazuki making me cry. I think I will cue-up H2 (anime, though I've got the drama here somewhere too) next and then Rookies. It's Koushien month chez Hal!


I have spent four days of near-total sloth and oh, my darlings, it was so needed. How did you spend your weekend? Was it fun? Did it involve chocolate of any kind?

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(Deleted comment)
Super! You got a lot more done than I did, I think. :)

Our staycation was excellent: we stayed in bed until 1pm, read Buffy comics, and ate plenty of chocolate. Yesterday there was DOCTOR WHO OMG and it made me happy.

Much rest, much happiness. I feel good. (:

I'm glad it was so relaxing! Yay!

Yay! Now if my Club Vivid vid would just finish itself, life would be perfect. (:

You know, we say that, but it would be so unsatisfying. Only through hard work will we be saved!

Most of the time, I'd agree with that but right now? I'm so stressed out and stretched for time that I really do just want to beam it out of my brain.

I'm sorry you're still so stressed. :( *hugs*

Thank you! ::hugs:: May will be better...

It involved some chocolate, and some cheese as well. Did your easter include any cheese, Hal? Perhaps a few robots, too?

Cheese, but no robots. Easter is really more about zombies. :)

Being sick, but with lots of crabmeat! I'm glad you got to lay around all weekend. How wonderful.

I hope you're better now!

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