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You can call me Hal.

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Dramapuri S2 eps 3 & 4: You Got Served!
hai tang + daddy
Subs are out! I have watched them! [ I hope my screencaps load -- LJ scrapbook has been for shit lately. ]

Why was there no dance-off? Okay, it would have been ridiculous, but still. DANCE-OFF!

Ju Wan continues to be my not-so-secret boyfriend -- he's so jokey and charming. Be ready to cry, Da Shi, because I am totally stealing him away. The way they fixed the cheating problem was beyond unrealistic. If a magical talking animal had shown up to cast a spell over the school administrators, it would have been more believable. Still, I'm just glad it got resolved.

And the whole competition thing. Them running around with the flag was so, so lovely. (Though I still would have preferred a DANCE-OFF.)

I love the boys so, so, so much. And I miss Guo Guang every second of every episode. All the messages from him are fantastic -- it really keeps Hai Tang warm at night him present with the team.

Also, so glad to see Long Zhen Nan back! With all the casting changes, etc, I was worried he would just be left out altogether. His hair was cooler last season, though.

COACH RIVALRY! LIKE HAI TANG AND CHENG WU! SO HOT! This just elevated the whole arc into the stratosphere. When Lin Qi got all dressed up for her date with Hua Cun! HOT!

And seriously, this scene --

-- I had to stop the video and get up and walk around the room, it was so cool. Hua Cun, contemplating how she's going to beat her rival, and there's Roger and Rafa from the Australian Open! Obviously, this proves that Lin Qi and Hua Cun are in love!

Poor Zhen Zhi and Cheng Wu -- they don't play as well together because each is trying his hardest to prove that he is most suitable to be Hai Tang's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Hai Tang is sexting with Guo Guang instead of watching them. So glad that match didn't end like it did in the anime, though -- that was a real low point.

Other items of note include: Hai Tang telling Zhen Zhi how well he'll do in singles, Hai Tang hissing, Hai Tang being rivalrous with food ordering, Hai Tang's stinky socks, Hai Tang being adorable, Zhen Zhi being pretty.

What did you think?

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(Deleted comment)
You really do! It's so much fun and the boys are adorable.

I've only seen ep 3 so far, and of course we will need to discuss both in depth in chat, but my three main take aways:

1) Zhen Nan showing up = many sparkly hearts :D :D :D.
2) Zhen Zhi is really hot when he takes charge. I wonder what Guo Guang thinks about that.
3) If Hai Tang acts up just so he can be manhandled, Cheng Wu always makes sure he's the closest.

1. I thought of you as soon as he appeared! It's so nice he's back -- it wouldn't be the same without his dorkiness.

2. God yes. I wonder if Guo Guang has seen it. Maybe... *profusion of fic ideas*

3. You've cracked the code! :D

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