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You can call me Hal.

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It always comes back to this somehow.
I was googling for photos of long layered hair styles and clicking my way through the random pages on the subject and wondering if I should go for it. One of the random pages had a section linking off to Layered Hairstyles for Men with a photo to illustrate and look who it was!

He always looks so terrible but he's so charming just the same.

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Well, you know, if you get that particular haircut, I can justify wanting to sex you on multiple axes!

Wouldn't that be awfully uncomfortable?

It's either that or a Bowie mullet. Which would be hotter?

My brother and I made Adam watch the first 10 minutes of the live action PoT movie... where Tezuka makes his first awe inspiring appearance and... it's Yuu Shirota. My brother and I pissed ourselves laughing but Adam did not get it :(
Then we made him watch Tezuka killing the dinosaurs and he doubly did not get it and I will never get Adam to watch anime with me now ever :(

See, you've got to work up to these things.

I would date him. I mean it.

(Deleted comment)
He's actually quite lovely in Rookies -- the yanki look really suits him.

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