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You can call me Hal.

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"Oh, to be young again. And a robot."
April hasn't been terribly productive fic-wise and fandom-wise, but May is scheduled as buckle-down month. Now to decide which WIP to pick up...

Do you use any particular idea-generation methods when you're working up a premise for fic? How about for outlining and such? For me, I keep a file of random facts that remind me of the characters I like to write. Also, reversal works well, like taking a usual premise for a pairing and turning it on its head. Or using it for a different pairing. (Like a usual InuKai premise for MomoKai.) And you can't go wrong with song stories. And sometimes a good title will hit me out of the blue and I'll write a story to fit. Or I'll take my partner to the pub and brainstorm ideas with him. Which usually ends up with him harassing me to write a story about Horio and Tomoka and a date at the water park. Maybe for his birthday. :D

Do you have a fairly defined writing process? It's always interesting to hear about how different people work!

In other news, I am still in love with coffee and my Kindle. ♥

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Yay for picking up wips again, and an even bigger YAY for coffee! ♥

Coffee is amazing! I wish I could drink it all day long.

My writing process has completely changed in the past year I'd say, after going through a big block. I used to come up with ideas and beginnings so easily and just write thousands of words on a roll. Then heading towards the middle I'd stall and trail off because I had no defined ending. There are tons of things, especially chaptered, that I'll never finish because I have no clue how they're supposed to end.

These days I have a couple of universes to play in and I browse all different kinds of prompt communities and when one pings me for a certain universe I'll use it for a particular scene or moment in time. But those aren't complete fics, just snippets from a wider universe!

So my writing process is rather erratic and crazy? XD

Have you tried doing detailed outlines for longer stories? That can be helpful, even for something you've already started.

Usually, I can't start writing until I know how something will end, although stories do develop and change while I'm working on them.

As long as you're enjoying it! It's fun to get that ping of inspiration. :)

I have been silently following your journal for quite a long while now. I noticed you seem very methodical even when it comes to something like fic writing. I remember your anime episode summaries and the comparison analysis between manga and anime and what it means for Tezuka/Oishi and Tezuka/Ryoma and such. I often wonder how you could be so composed!

I guess I am pretty methodical. :) I know not everybody works that way, though. Thinking and analysis are fun!

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