Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

"Oh, to be young again. And a robot."

April hasn't been terribly productive fic-wise and fandom-wise, but May is scheduled as buckle-down month. Now to decide which WIP to pick up...

Do you use any particular idea-generation methods when you're working up a premise for fic? How about for outlining and such? For me, I keep a file of random facts that remind me of the characters I like to write. Also, reversal works well, like taking a usual premise for a pairing and turning it on its head. Or using it for a different pairing. (Like a usual InuKai premise for MomoKai.) And you can't go wrong with song stories. And sometimes a good title will hit me out of the blue and I'll write a story to fit. Or I'll take my partner to the pub and brainstorm ideas with him. Which usually ends up with him harassing me to write a story about Horio and Tomoka and a date at the water park. Maybe for his birthday. :D

Do you have a fairly defined writing process? It's always interesting to hear about how different people work!

In other news, I am still in love with coffee and my Kindle. ♥
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