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You can call me Hal.

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United we stand
Proper pimp post later, but this is my official confession: so in love with Giant Killing, a new anime about J. League soccer. Hot men. Intrigue and drama. Fantastic characters. Okiayu Ryoutarou. Lots of great soccer. And love. So much love.

Many thanks to keycchou for recommending it!

ANBU & Umai are subbing. Four eps so far, you can catch up fast!

There will be blowjobs fic with blowjobs, I swear it.

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I was just thinking that I have been awaiting my flist to move onto the next great anime but it hasn't yet. I haven't watched any anime in what seems like years.

Hope this is amazing and takes off!

Now that I've looked at this - adults? This is an anime that is not about school aged kids in any way?

I don't know how I feel about this!

Okiayu! <333

Please tell me he voices a stern, 37 14 yo megane. LOL

35, I think. :) But no glasses.

Oh god, SOCCER? Don't do this to me.

Oh wait, nvm, only 4 eps. I can do that.

You can! You will! (There are lots more soccer series when you're ready...)

(Deleted comment)
There will be, oh, there will be. I've missed writing about grown-ups!

You will love it, I'm sure!

And yet Murakoshi still feels less mature than Tezuka. :D
I am really enjoying it and I can't take the OP song out of my head!

Well, that's because he's only in his 30s while Tezuka is at least 55!

There is not enough flail in all the world. Tomorrow: a rewatch!

Not just Okiayu, but Seki, too. You have my attention. *goes to investigate*

Definitely give it a try! It's got so much heart already.

Oooh, I dind't know that there was an anime, but the manga is really good, will check it out.

I'm going to check out the manga soon too! The anime is really fantastic -- you'll love it!

Hehe. Giant Killing. Love this series and the main guy/coach reminds me of Inter's coach/manager Mourinho. That's just me though. Glad you are liking the series.

Interesting! Yes, I'm loving it so much!

I'm not in the mood for anime recently but I checked out the manga. Great rec, thank you! It's been quite fun.

Excellent! I haven't had time to track down the scanlations yet but it's on my list. :)

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