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You can call me Hal.

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Links! Of! Interest!
1. Giant Killing ep 5 is subbed! (I will be working on my main pimp post soon, but don't wait for me if you want to check it out.)

2. Slate article: Why do we love to root for the underdog? This made me think a lot about my devotion to sports series, which, with very few exceptions (*cough* tenipuri *cough*), are all about the struggle and rise of the underdog.

3. Fanfic is Immoral!, an articulate, well-reasoned, and kick-ass post by pandarus in response to that whole Diana Gabaldon thing.

4. Finally found some thongs at La Senza that are not utterly painful to wear. This has been a long and expensive difficult search. But it turns out there are only two ways to avoid Visible Panty Line: thongs or nothing. (Or I guess I could stop wearing my skirts so tight, but what fun would that be?) And since opaque tights season is drawing to a close, nothing is no longer an option. I also got some great satin pyjamas there so I can look just as glamourous when I'm watching anime and eating cheese as when I'm out and about.

5. During the aforementioned search, I came across the C-String. Seriously, that thing isn't just going to pop off and fall to the floor while you're giving an important presentation to a big client because why?

6. You saw the most recent subbed dramapuri episodes, right? There was a SHOWER SCENE. Also, crazy, crazy tennis. And Hai Tang. Lovely, lovely Hai Tang.

Dear friends in fandom, you bring me much joy. ♥

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C-string? Why not just put tape on a triangle and call it a day?

Women's underwear makes me mental. I want someone really hot and powerful in Hollywood (because they set the trends) to do a photoshoot in granny pants so granny pants can be cool. And I can give up the hunt for a comfortable thong, which is up there on the list with unicorns in terms of real life sightings, and be happy again.

They completely look like someone stuck a maxi-pad on the wrong way.

Seriously! I vote for that hot Hollywood person to be Drew Barrymore.

Only a man could have invented the C-string.

You make a good point. :)

This icons sums up my reaction to the C-String thing.

I was all caught up through ep 4 and then they posted more! SHOWER SCENE HELL YES. But fuck, is Guo Guang not there for it? Because he's just lovely. :(

Oh, you should also try stretch lace boyshort panties. I've never had a panty line with them because they lay so flat, and I feel like I'm actually wearing underwear.

As soon as I'm caught up with Tokyo Ghost Trip (eye candy, nothing more) and dramapuri (again) I'll binge Giant Killing, for sure. This won't make me want to take up soccer, will it? Because I already have my hands full.

He's not there for the shower, sadly. I miss Guo Guang SO MUCH! I never missed Tezuka like that. I'm glad he's at least in the little bumper stories.

I've tried a few different boyshorts but they all ride up and give me one hell of a wedgie. I don't think they're suited to my body type.

Yay Giant Killing! It might make you want to *watch* soccer and with the World Cup coming up, that can only be a good thing. :)

I just can't wear thongs, panty line or no -- although I don't wear really tight skirts at my size. It's just like a constant wedgie for 16 hours.

Yeah, underwear fits everybody differently. The biggest pain is that you never know until you actually buy and try.

Very truel. And then once you find the perfect type, they stop making it... But I looked at your link and I think you're right. I can just see those suddenly hitting the floor in the middle of a meeting, or while you're walking down the street -- Oops!

Flip-flops are another thing. I can't stand anything between my toes. But a lot of people love them.


BTW, I emailed you this AM but I just realised I forgot to put in a subject line so let me know if it did not arrive. Nothing big, just a link.

Just got it, just replied. (:

Well, I just replied to your reply!

This is like the backchannel for our email conversation.

Why even bother with a c-string at all? Save $34 and just go commando instead. Same effect, really.

*bleaches eyes*

Somehow, the c-string seems even more obscene!

It's because it hints, in a way. And it's as close as if somebody's fingers were wrapped up there -- whoops. Sorry for the metaphor.

(Deleted comment)
I've watched all the GK eps twice! But it's still not enough. :D

Happy weekend!

Stupidest question ever, but I downloaded the first two eps of Giant Killing. And it wasn't subbed! So I went to the ANBU site and it says they're soft-subbed, but I can't find a link anywhere for the soft subs. On the subbing site. It's ridiculous. Either I'm blind, or really, really stupid. I'm not sure which. :(


The subs are in the video file; you just need to tell your player to show the subtitle track. Probably somewhere under video options.

Hope you get it working! You will love the show. :)

Ah, thank you! I'll try with vlc player, because I only have gom installed right now and it's kinda weird with subtitle tracks. If all else fails I found a site that has them streaming, but I hate watching in parts like that.

The theme song is in English- that had me sold right there! :D

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