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You can call me Hal.

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Re: Wimbledon today
Dear Konomi-sensei,

We always said that the tennis you write is total crack that could never ever happen.

We were wrong.

I will never doubt you again!

Your fan,

PS Please have Inui and Kaidoh kiss soon.

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Poor Sara has been out all day and I fear for her getting home and seeing all the caps locked emails I sent her while watching Wimbledon.

We were watching the Germany - Ghana game at work but we had to keep flipping back to Isner and Mahut. I seriously thought Isner was going to collapse on the court! And then Mahut would shave Isner's head.

Oh good. I was beginning to get concerned.

I don't get to see any of this. What happened?

edit: ah nvm, i saw which match you mean.


Edited at 2010-06-24 12:42 am (UTC)

I still cannot believe it. I thought Isner might drop dead, he looked so awful.

Fuck, I know right! It was freakin' NEVER ENDING TENNIS.


The only difference is Konomi uses standard tie-break rules whereas Isner and Mahut are tied at 59 games a piece.

I bet it's just because they're in junior high still that he didn't have Ryoma doing this exact thing at Wimbledon.

It was epic! It continues to be epic and into its third day, oh my. I can't believe they were playing for over nine hours.

Isner looked like grim death. Mahut, on the other hand, is probably a robot.

D: How did I miss this!

Ditto on your PS.

(Deleted comment)
I'm desperate we only get to see the Roland-Garros games easily on French TV. Though Mahut is French, so maybe on some minor channel somewhere they're talking about that T_T

That really sucks! We do get better tennis coverage here once hockey season is over. :)

There was an earthquake! I missed all the dinosaurs getting killed?

No dinosaurs were harmed this time. But surely the US Open will see their demise.

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