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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Remember when Krycek kissed Mulder?

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Yes, yes, I do. Watershed moment. Things are looking up.

It's all TRUE, we cried, and things were never the same again.

I seem to be getting there. :)

Good times, good times... :-)

Those were the days, it's true.

Ahhh...the good ol' days of XF fandom...

Oh the threads on the newsgroup were out of control.

The slash mailing list went INSANE.

Also, they had really big cellphones.

Oh do I! I'm loving new and exciting fandoms all the time, but not one will ever take the place of XF in my heart....the timing was perfect in my life, online and on television, and nothing will ever capture fandom the same way for me again...

Having said that, OMG White Collar!

Oh, do I ever!!! The scene of a thousand fic (and in every M/K vid I still have :)

Darn, I wish i were on DW...I'd actually have my Krycek icon...

It's an obligatory scene in every M/K vid, I'm sure!

OMG! Yes. I remember it being called the kiss heard round the world. Probably because of thousands of slashers squeeing in unison. Those were the days, huh?

The best part was that Mulder CLOSED HIS EYES.

<3 I remember all the time!

YES! That was the night that slash fandom well and truly dug its shiny claws into my heart. Because they were RIGHT, goddamnit! Hell yes, I'm jumping on that bandwagon!

Also: Still one of the hottest scenes ever to grace my television set.

Kumquat, age 15:

-Oh wow.
-This staring-at-each-other thing is even hotter then when they're beating each other up.
-Is he telling him a secret? Is Krycek for real this time?
-He's moving closer... Mulder's just sitting there...
-Mulder's still not punching him. Woah. This can't possibly...
-*jumping around on the couch*
-*watches rest of episode biting fist and grinning*
-*rewatches scene eight bazillion times*

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