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You can call me Hal.

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1 Day of Fandom
Prince of Tennis authors: just two more days until Wednesday, August 4 to sign up for top_cagnotte! It's a reversathon and I can't for the life of me remember why I didn't participate last time around. (Too busy, maybe?) I will def be filling out my entry tonight.

Intro & Guidelines | Sign-up post

I want you to and so does Atobe. ♥

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hi hal you are awesoms byeeeeeee~ <3

Are you drunk enough to go sign up for the fest? :D

lol alas no :( but i love that you asked sdfdskljasd;f <333333333

oh tenipuri i will always think oty you iwht such fundoness fonendess. ugh

One of my friends signed up for that.

I hope lots of people have!

There's twenty-something people so far! And will probably hit the thirties by the time sign-ups end :D

And it'll be posting, like, right around the holidays!

It will be a magical time. :)

I wasn't sure if anyone else on my flist was going to sign up, so yay, I'm glad you did! \o/

Oh, thank goodness you're doing this! Me, too! :D

GOD, I want to do this. :(

Aw, sad Momo makes me sad too!

Do eeeeeeeet. It is not due til November! Sign up now, panic later!

Thank you so much for promoting this! You are lovely for doing so!

(Though I am going to push the deadline for sign-ups back to next Wednesday, as RL is driving me mad right now D:)

You are very welcome. :) It's great to hear you've got so many sign-ups already!

(I noticed that the sign-up date is different on the guidelines post and the sign-up post, btw.)

Yep, I just fixed that. I've been very scatter-brained lately. -___-

Yay, I don't feel so alone now. ^.^ I didn't do it last time either (though in all fairness...I don't think I heard of it the last time...or I had other things on my mind then. *shrug*) Then again, I'm a bit unsure about the concept, but I guess I'll attempt it anyway. Good luck to you!

So glad you signed up! We'll work it all out when the picking round goes up, I'm sure. :)

Thank you for mentioning it, I never heard of it before. signed up, scared now.

Excellent! (Except for the scared part.)

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